(A 2-letter word); A 3-letter word; (AND A 4-LETTER WORD)

My 2-letter word was “oh” – doubled.   Oh, oh.   Things are getting pretty serious out there.

My 3-letter word was Wow!  — the experience of wonder and amazement that is available to all of us,   part of the texture of our human experience.
I’ve written about my 4-letter word many times, but my notes hardly ever make it to the computer keyboard.   Now I’m just writing from my “head” and my “head” has been affected by the last two sobering posts.

So now, I have to begin with a foundation, so to speak:   The classic definition of Truth is “the adequation of the mind to reality.”   If that has never been taught to you, and if you have never spent time internalizing that statement and maturing into it,  then it might be difficult to  gain anything from my 4-letter word —   which is “real.”

Well, in case you haven’t studied this before,  I can take you one step further.   Adequation means, like,  “correspondence.”   Not a perfect synonym, but helpful:   Adequation is the correspondence between your intellect and an object  (not necessarily a material, physical object, of course.)

So,  Truth is the correspondence of intellect and object;  the adequation of mind to reality.   There is something “real” out there and your mind can know it!
I’m not a philosopher, and that’s not the direction I want to go.   That there is reality and that objective reality is real is something that has been demonstrated to me well enough.

Whether we can philosophize about it or not,  we all experience reality – and it’s not what we make it to be,  it’s what we bump into, all the time!    As a matter of fact, it’s hard for the untrained mind (like mine) to describe a real experience.

A few days ago I experienced something surprisingly real.   I had just written some posts about the Finding of the True Cross.   It was interesting to do some research into it, and it was satisfying to realize that the Cross was real,  the crucifixion of Christ was a real event,  and Christ Jesus Himself is real and was really here on earth for a while.

That must have been in the back of my mind because during the Christian sacrifice called the Mass which brings us into communion with the reality of that salvific act on the (real) cross,  the “real-ness” of it all pierced right into me with a sweet, sharp clarity.

“Omigosh!    Death, sacrifice, and offering of Jesus of Himself to His Father – real!”

“Jesus really did call and ordain some men to re-create this reality!”

“Internal, spiritual communion with Jesus is real thing!”

“All that the Church has taught and all that the  Christians have known through the centuries  –  is all real!”
There’s my 4-letter word:  Real.  Real.  Real.  Real.

An experience is not “a matter of opinion.”   A momentary illusion.   It is evidence “of things unseen” — our Faith.   This is personbal evidence that has been experienced by many, many, many others.     There is no doubt.  It is real, and it is as the Church teaches.     We are surrounded by the oh-oh’s of this present dangerous world;  we are made happy by the Wow! of this world;  and we can be comforted by the Real things of this world.

What a full rich life we humans are given!

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