Sometimes the news about America is so bad,  so dismaying,  so awful,  that I want to say “That’s not us!    We aren’t doing this!  We are a captive nation!”   I wonder when things are going to Pop!      How much longer. . . ?

I  wrote in the last post, Tuesday’s Tribute,  that there needs to be push-back against what has been done to us.

We need to reach into our former founding characteristics, based upon Christian principles,    and “push back” against those rule us differently now.   Good people can rule themselves;  and only good people are capable of ruling themselves.

Normally, I read a lot of international news.    I’ve found examples of  two responses to the global dominance that seeks to change each sovereign nation;   neither story has ended yet, and we don’t know how far these trends will go.  The first one is the home of my family’s origins:



Not too large a population, but the population has been rising dramatically recently.   But not with baby Swedes.    The very well managed mass migration of African and Arab Muslims into Sweden is responsible for most of the increase.    Swedes are “nice” people,  by and large.   Undemonstrative.     That is,  they don’t “demonstrate”  their feelings very noticeably.

They don’t “push back”   readily.

Peace-loving people?   Harmless to others?      They are not even allowed, by their globally-influenced rulers,  to own guns.   However, statistics show that all kinds of violent crimes are rising rapidly.  If you are a Swedish woman,  you have a one in four chance of being raped.   If you ride a Swedish city bus,  you may expect the bus to be boarded by foreigners intent upon robbing you.   (When these African gangs were asked why they did this to the country that had taken them in and is giving them so much free money for living expenses, they answered:  “Because the Swedes are so easy to rob, they don’t fight back.”)

There are many shootings each week and a murder (by gunshot) on average every other day!   The occasion of this last news article was six people shot in one day.

One time I read that a whole little Swedish village had moved…several miles away.  Just relocated themselves because of the dangers of the new “immigrants” —   which the UN calls “refugees”   —  which the “immigrants”  themselves call part of their plan to extend their caliphate worldwide.

Despite devastating economic conditions and fears of personal safety,  there are few signs of effective  push-back yet from Swedes. (Where, oh, where are the descendants of the Rus Vikings?)

On the opposite end of the world,  there is perhaps a growing movement to push back against this forced migration:

No Way

“No way!  You will not make Australia home!”

“No way.”    Kind of has an American-sounding  ring  to it,  eh?


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