THE ISSUES OF THE WEEK: 19th Sunday, Post Pentecost

For many more than a thousand years back,  Christians have heard on this particular Sunday these words:  “Salus populi ego sum….”   ” I am the salvation of the people.”

It’s the reassuring voice of God spoken to people in whatever generation, whatever century they have lived in.    Every generation has its issues to worry about, and on this first day of the week,  I know that the succeeding days of  this week will present us with “issues” and “worries” too.     Christians must juggle the command in Romans 13 with the information given to us in Revelation 13.     Do we pray for our rulers (Romans 13)?  Or do we fear them and prepare for their  coming assault on us (Revelation 13)?

One thing is certain:  Although we know that there is One True Holy God who is our only hope, our only salvation,  he is not a magician who will keep all tribulation away from us.   He does not offer us an easy remedy:

take two tablets

But I guess that cartoon doesn’t  really depict an “easy remedy.”     It carries a truth:   Western Civilization was built upon Judeo-Christian principles, of which the Two Tablets of the Ten Commandments are its perennial and eternal moral guidelines.

Maybe that cartoon is saying the same thing we heard in the Introit prayer today:    “Salus populi ego sum –  I am the salvation of the people… whatever tribulation they shall cry to me, I will hear them and I will be their Lord forever.

“….in whatever tribulation….”         All those various news threads we fussed about last week:   containing ebola,  the EV D-68 killing and paralyzing our children,   Isis amok,   Christians killed for going to church, a 17-year-old young man crucified this week,  radiation levels higher than humanity has ever experienced before,  world economy on its last legs -last weeks?-last days?,   approaching war,   and the Church itself trying to  devour its own teachings  . . .   All these and other  dangers we face are our tribulations this time, this generation, this century.

Looking to God and His guidelines is a way of acknowledging Him and calling on Him  and looking to Him for our Help.

And in  calling out to  God,   (in whatever tribulation they shall cry to me)  we are assured that past generations  were heard and made it through their trials and continued on.

Until now.

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