That Tuesday,  11-06-12,   gave us . . . .

A very important woman.

Marie Antoinette

“Mich.-the-first-spouse-who-lives-in-our-wh-it*e-ho*use” has commanded that children be fed according to her image of what a good lunch should be.

Someone got ahold of what was on the lunch menu where the two First Daughters go to school  (Sidwell Friends) and published it for the rest of us to see.

Here is “school lunch”  –


October 16, 2014
Cauliflower Masala Soup
Roasted Vegetable & Israeli Couscous Salad
A Taste of India
Mixed Greens with Avocado & Sunflower Seeds
All-natural Chicken Curry
Vegetable Tikka Masala
Turmeric Roasted Carrots
Basmati Rice
Sliced Pineapple

Doesn’t look like anything to complain about, does it?   Fit for a king! — or the children of a king.

The Lady has decreed that government school lunch menus would include the four basic food groups but not include salts, fats, sugars, or excessive calories.  There are numerous criticisms from the medical and child development field that the new guidelines do not allow enough calories for growing children.   Schoolchildren are complaining of not getting enough to eat and what they have is unpalatable.     Researchers at Cornell University and Brigham Young University have concluded that about $4,000,000 worth of food  is wasted every day.

Complaints don’t really matter though;  America elected a Big State to take charge of what our children eat.

One young man last week, on the same date as the menu above,  took a photo of his school lunch and shared it with us –


That’s what he was given.     School officials replied that this lunch represents all four food groups:  there is some cauliflower, some cheese, some applesauce, maybe, some  meat. some cheese, and two WHOLE WHEAT crackers.   Sheeesh!   What more could you ask for?

The children at Sidwell Friends weren’t complaining.

Tuesday’s Tribute:   Hats off to our Rulers.    They know how to eat — and they know how to feed the rest of us.



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