Every state in this country has one:  a Christmas tree at their state capital.    It’s not a SURPRISING !!  story;  it’s not AMAZING!!     But it’s just a charming, normal tale of how one state capitol building got its tree.   My state.

The story starts in the Far Far North . . .  and a charming video with local pride, complete with that “northern accent”:


Screen shot from the town of Kingsford local news,  with the Perfect Tree on the left-hand side.    The event drew quite a big crowd around that truck where the speaker was standing.    Wish I had declamatory skills like he has.


Time to cut that tree.  uh . . .   80 feet tall, I think.    He made a complete circle with that chain saw, but the tree was already tethered to booms.


Timber-r-r-r-r-r-!!  as they say up there in Paul Bunyan country.


Every stage was captured by the local TV station.   There’s the beautiful soon-to-be-Christmas-Tree on the street.  I was surprised it was taken from a residential area.  I thought they  got these lovely giants from the forest.


Now it’s on its way to me.   Or – well –  to the state capital.


And this is where our local news picked up the story:


That’s a screen shot from our local online newspaper.   A BIG thanks to Cousin Lois for alerting me to this event.

Today our Monday class met, and as you may know if you’ve been coming to The Spruce Tunnel for a while,   our classes are in the cathedral,   right across the street from our capitol building.   As I left class,  I looked out over Hubbie’s car in our parking lot:


Time to do the photographing from my end of the journey.    It was an overcast day,  but warm-  55 degrees.  Good day for a little walk.


It was such a beautiful walk that I could be showing you a dozen beautiful pictures.    There are paved walkways all throughout the capitol lawn:


After a nice little walk,  I finally stood in front of the tree….


Well,   that’s some of it.


There’s most of the rest of it.   It really looks majestic close up like that.   You see it’s not decorated at all.  In fact,  they’re still working on it –


There is a lot of work to do before it’s ready to do its Christmas duty:  shaping, trimming . . . cleaning up the debris when they’re done, I suppose —


So there it is, soon ready for the citizens of this state, soon ready for our public Christmas gatherings.

I walked back  over the capitol lawn, feeling contented — safe that we can still openly express our religious faith, and happy with the fact that the State doesn’t force us to express any sort of belief at all.  We are free to do so, if we want to.  The State doesn’t prevent us from gathering nor force us to gather.    I looked up from those leafy walkways on the way back and saw  evidence of the  strong, varied religious beliefs of our citizens.

There’s the Methodist church building,  with the old Baptist church building tower peeking at the back corner.


There’s the Episcopalian church building right next to it,  with the crosswalk I’ll be walking on.


And there, across the street, I’m back to ours –


The state capitol building and these churches.

streets signs 2

A nice intersection of Church and State.

We are free to express ourselves, without forcing others to do so just as our Founding Fathers intended.



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  1. Lois K. Haglund Says:

    I am sooooo glad I told you! There you were near it! AND, YOU WERE CONSCIOUS OF THE TREE ‘S STORY!

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