We’ve just passed the remembrance of All Saints Day and All Souls Day —  Nov. 3rd already???  —   and now we remember we have a temporary earthly home to take care of.

vote blackboard

While on this earth this means:   Taking care of ourselves, providing for our families,  preparing our children for adulthood, caring for each other in our communities, keeping our own homes orderly and clean  — and voting.

I see I’ve been writing down some notes for myself:

My first Election Note:     “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”  That is, the more powerful a government is, the weaker each person subject to that government will be.   (The more government does for you, the less you are allowed to do for yourself.)
The words and expressions are partly my own,  partly from speakers I’ve heard,  partly from American history books  (not the kind they publish today), and from here and there, all supporters of the United States of America, who appreciate the freedom given to the Common Man.

(Do I need to state that I’m using English grammar here?   “When the sex of a person is unknown or the word can be applied to either sex,   use the masculine GENDER. ”   That would be “he” and “him.”     “Mankind.” )   
So again….  First Election Note:   “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”     Are you really going to vote for the one who promises to give you the most?   To do the most for you?

Sugar Daddies get mean real fast.

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