In the English language we seem to be missing a word:

The election is over.  We’ve seen some good people running for office and some bad.   I believe the good ones are sincere about the career they’ve chosen and if they’ve been elected to office this time, I think they really do mean to do good.   But the bad ones we call “politicians,”  and we have a feeling they’re deceiving us about wanting to do good for us.  We think they’re out to gain power and position for their own benefit and we don’t trust their words.

They both have to get elected.    Once elected, they both have the same job description, so to speak.    We call the bad ones “politicians,”  but  what do we call our good elected officials?

I’ve got election fatigue, and lots of other “fatigues,”  and I’m sinking  into that Slough of Despond  (for those of you who know your Paul Bunyan) which occurs at this time every year and I don’t want to think about politicians who deceive us with their words —

—    so how about a little humor?   —

Politicians are like atoms.    “Never trust an atom.    They make up everything!”

*                   *                        *                        *                     *

(my thanks to the newest Christmas catalog at this house)

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