Halloween costuming lingers on.

But it’s not a “costume”  when that’s your native, national dress.

O Halloween O

But it seems that it’s fun to wear.

The gum-chewing adolescent launched himself right into China . . .  and unaware, apparently, of the scorn, annoyance, and ridicule that he left in his wake.

It would be embarrassing,  but it’s worse.    This gum-chewer doesn’t seem to remember his adolescent (high school)   science;  that is, he doesn’t know physical science,  rudimentary atmospheric science,  botany,  perhaps not even the basics of photosynthesis.     If he knew any of this,  he would know that CO2 is truly a boon to our planet and to the plants that grow on this planet and to our crops –  the plants we eat.   In ancient times past, before men,  if that’s your belief,   when this planet offered far more CO2 than it does now,   plants grew happily and abundantly.     Huge jungles of plants to eat and admire!

Today, we try to re-create those happy times for our greenhouse plants.


We grow crops and  flowers and decorative plants  in greenhouses where the CO2 levels are kept 30% or more higher than outdoors.   Maybe those scientists know something that this visitor to China in the photo doesn’t know.

Nevertheless,  he — and his minions who work in the media and who work in the capital of our country — have announced that a “treaty”  was signed requiring our country to “reduce”  its output of CO2, thereby  wounding our economic health even further, slowing production, and raising the costs of almost everything for us citizens  ( i.e., subjects of the gum-chewer).

What does China promise to do?    Nothing!   No halt to their industrial pollution!   No clean-up of the atmosphere!   No reduction inCO2  “output” !     (For the next 16 years, they never have to think about this treaty again.)   We give everything;  they give nothing.

Thanks goodness the treaty is unconstitutional.

I do hope Americans remember their basic high school science.   (Are they still teaching it?)






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