(For new my new readers,   on Tuesdays I often write a cynical little “hats off!”  to our Rulers who once again pulled a fast one on us on 11-06-12.      So for  that Tuesday and all those other Tuesdays:  a dark, sardonic, and sarcastic Tribute.   It’s not really funny.)

“From Russia With Love”  –


I saw this on television when I was a little girl.   He was surrounded by lots of dignified, important looking men  (at the U.N.),  and I was awestruck seeing a grown man hold his shoe  in his hand – in public – and banging it on the podium!    He must really mean what he’s saying.

And what he was saying was an angry, scathing, threatening rebuke against us Americans.   Me too.  I’m a little girl and this man has more power than anyone I knew.    This man is Russia’s prime minister: Nikita Khrushchev.

He promised some things for us in his day:

We will defeat America without firing a shot!!!!

Your American children will be Communists!!!!

And, quoting someone else:  We will give America enough rope to hang herself!!!!

“Perestroika”  completed the “enough rope”  because some of our liberal/progressive/left-leaning leaders assured us that this means “communism is dead”  in Russia.        Whew!    Communism is over!

We just have to get back to the business of making the FEDERAL government more powerful than any other force in our country.  Expand the bureaucracy!  Expand the power of the State!   Expand the enforcement powers of the I.R.S.!  Expand the number of regulations waiting to snare the Americans!   Expand the amount of taxes!   Expand control over free and open  land – by the hundreds of millions of acres!        Expand Federal control over the schools, the teachers, and the curriculum imposed upon each local school authority!!   Expand!   Control!

American Government Schools:    Your American children will be Communists!!!!        (Remember,   I was a public schoolteacher when all this began to be implemented;  I saw it.)

How odd that the one thing the entertainment/news media is reporting about student rebellion is the poor and limited quality of their free lunches.     Not the poor and limited quality of their “education.”

Now we are told we are bad people.  We deserve to be a second-rate nation.    We have oppressed people all over the world.  And, oh, by the way,  we’ve destroyed the planet too.

We don’t deserve to even be  !!!!   We will defeat America without firing a shot!!!!

Darn.    Khrushchev  scared me then.    He scares me now.

flag dont-tread1

Where is our John Paul Jones today?      “I have not yet begun to fight!”     

Hats off to our Rulers —  they have trained our John Paul Joneses  to be “good citizens.”   (and believe what they’re told.)  (and play video games)   (Sit!   Speak!  Demonstrate!   Be quiet! . . . )

Bar wavy

I’m feeling optimistic today.   Or at least not totally pessimistic.     In the next few posts,  I’ll point out the one thing lying dormant in Americans that can prevent us from collapsing into a confused heap of puzzled defeat.


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