“Garbage in; garbage out.”     Input, not only for computers,  but also for human minds.      Song lyrics come to mind. . .come into our minds.

The Christmas Season!   Time for parties!  At this moment as I write, I happen to be between  Party #2 and Party#3 at my house. . .  People will be coming within the hour.    I ought to be running around right now. . . .

But I stepped out onto my deck and noticed this:


The “artist” left his name:  Jack Frost, of course.   Three different boards, three different sets of patterns.   I had to Take Time with this.  Pause.  Get the camera.    It was adding value and a bit of “certitude”  for me.

How is it that this arrives into my mind as Beauty?    It’s stunning (in real life)  and exquisitely beautiful.   And it points me to the author of Beauty.     It points me there because of what I’ve read in my past,  what I’ve listened to,  what I’ve thought about,  and what lyrics I remember:

“Take Time”

1. Take time to be holy,
 speak oft with thy Lord;
 abide in him always,
 and feed on his word.
 Make friends of God’s children,
 help those who are weak,
 forgetting in nothing
 his blessing to seek.

2. Take time to be holy,
 the world rushes on;
 spend much time in secret
 with Jesus alone.
 By looking to Jesus,
 like him thou shalt be;
 thy friends in thy conduct
 his likeness shall see.

3. Take time to be holy,
 let him be thy guide,
 and run not before him,
 whatever betide.
 In joy or in sorrow,
 still follow the Lord,
 and, looking to Jesus,
 still trust in his word.

4. Take time to be holy,
 be calm in thy soul,
 each thought and each motive
 beneath his control.
 Thus led by his spirit
 to fountains of love,
 thou soon shalt be fitted
 for service above.


It’s the things you choose to listen to and what you choose to pay attention to.

Thanks to my early teachers who understood the importance of songs like this to a child’s development.

Thanks to my Grandma who made her pump organ available to me — and her songbooks.

Thanks to God for bringing his holiness into the world and making it available to us.

No “garbage” here.

Deo gratias.



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