Possibly the last Tuesday’s Tribute — because:    Those who know, know.    Those who don’t know, won’t.

All is well this month with our Master and Commander:

O So Cool hat tip
Master and Commander,  placed in the office of our presidency by our Rulers,  on an adulation-filled self-delusional reprieve from the “hard work” of office.    For seventeen days.

PenSword    It  IS  hard to go it alone on the job, I suppose.    “If Congress doesn’t ‘help’ me,  then I’ll get things done by myself.”    “I have a pen and a cell phone.”

It  IS  hard work thwarting the American Constitution at every turn.

But (his) pen is indeed mightier than the sword of protection the American people were given to fend off future dictators.

It occurs to me that there may be some who don’t really know the dangers in that motto:  “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Pen Fencing Sword

It is a triumphal cry of the Revolution.   Especially the Progressive Revolution (transformation by incremental changes).  Before the changes in our education system (incremental changes, of course, so no one would protest),  before those changes,  this motto was common knowledge and a cautionary,  for us to be watchful of those who Rule over us with their pens.

Pen Becomes Sword

The subtle, secret changes wrought by mountains of rules and regulations become a force for our transformation.

43 Bibles.   Have you read the Bible through once?  How about 43 times?  43 Bibles.   That’s how big is the stack of rules and regulations from just one governmental ruling arm,   the Environmental “Protection” Agency;  and it’s a powerful source of federal control.   It’s not the environment that is being regulated — it’s us.   Surely the Pen is mightier than the Sword.

For you mathematically inclined:

Pen greater than Sword

Anyway you slice it,  today’s Pen wielded by a certain sunni freemason of unknown parentage, multiple names, with a “borrowed”  social security number,  has probably irreversibly “transformed”  us without our consent and without our full knowledge.

Those who don’t know,  won’t know.   They don’t need a pen of their own.

Those who know,  know.  Do they have a pen?

So, maybe this is my last Tuesday’s Tribute,  that cynical “tribute” to our Rulers on all our election Tuesdays.    What’s the point?    

Our pens have points.      And that’s the point.


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