This is Cooper, my grandson.



I had just brought him to the airport for his return flight home.    That’s his own luggage next to him.       Mommy and Daddy were discussing things with the  Airport Gestapo officials.

While Cooper and I  were sitting together, waiting,  I noted to myself what a remarkable sense of the use of time he has.   Time is for living in the present moment and then extending that present moment onward, if you need to.    He and I were fully experiencing the sadness of parting,  but each fully anticipating  what we can do when we got home.      And this present sense of sad and happy would continue on for several minutes more until he strapped himself into his airplane seat and I strapped myself into my car seat.

And then it would be another “present,”  another reality before us each.

pulsar isolated

I’ve written of this before, of my inability to understand what Time is.  I can’t even define it satisfactorily.  And neither can anyone else.   Once, as I was teaching a class and we were having a lively discussion,  I brought everything to a screeching halt by asking “Does anyone have a good working definition of Time?”

Time is…uh.

Time is a measurement of…

Time measures the change in…


Even after I’ve read a complex scientific article about Time, after the writer has peered into the atom to point out its regularity,  and then pointed out the amazing periodicity of a pulsar,  there is always that conclusion…”but we really don’t know everything about Time.”

Just how to use it.

” Time is for living in the present moment and then extending that present moment onward, if you need to.”

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4 Comments on ““TIME” IN THE NEW YEAR”

  1. Now…you are PONDERING…
    I have TOO MUCH TIME…I who used to be the Type A person…now am physically restricted !

  2. Heh heh. I am. But I got way too physically tired during this last month and I hurt my foot somehow, so I’ve promised myself some “inactivity” for the New Year. Now I’ve got time to ponder. I think we’re supposed to get “ponderous” at this stage in life; kind of gather up all our wisdom for the next generation — and also for our own Next Life. .

  3. Jon Says:

    I thought about this for a while. I think TIME is the period off existence we each have to get our soul in the correct order so that it be accepted by God at our check-out day.

    Or, it reminds me of the sort of joke about the devil sending three of his minions into the world to harvest souls for his kingdom. He asked the first how he would accomplish this feat, and was told he would tell people there was NO God. the devil said that it was good, but he probably wouldn’t get that many. The second one out said he would teach them that there was no satan. The reply was pretty much the same as the first. The third, when asked what he would do to brings souls to his master, simply stated that he would tell people that they had a lot of time left.

    We need to use our ‘time’ more wisely, don’t you think?

  4. Whew! That was a good story! (You might hear your “teacher” repeat that one in class!!)
    You have an important comment on the use of time. However, that’s still not a definition! Cheers!

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