January 6th,  Epiphany!

people on epiphany

A holy day specifically pointed at me — and people like me.     I am invited to take part!!

You see,  up until about 4,000 years ago, roughly speaking,  God the Creator dealt with all the peoples on this planet pretty much the same.

people ruins

All peoples of the world in all their civilizations all related to God the Creator on the same terms, those terms being what was more or less vaguely passed down through the generations.

One of these groups of people living around the Arctic Circle were “my people.”


Long ages of the human race passed on through time.

But about 4,000 years ago one man received a unique call to relate to God differently for a particular, specific purpose.   This was Abraham,  who by the strength of his faith in this God who called him, became, for this purpose,  the father of a great nation, the specific people we call the Israelites, through which one day the Redeemer-Messiah of the world could take on human flesh.

People israelites

This Chosen Race from out of Abraham lived in covenant with God, bearing witness to the existence of God, worshiping Him properly,  and waiting for the Promised Redeemer-Messiah.

And then, finally,  we celebrate at Christmastime the coming of that Redeemer.  He came to his own people, just outside of Jerusalem.    He came after many signs and He came with many signs.

people from persia

Now, today, Epiphany,  it becomes clear that the Redeemer-Messiah is presented to  the whole world, not just the Israelites.   And even though I am a Gentile whose ethnic origin is far, far away from Jerusalem,  like these Wise Men who were Gentiles too,   I’m invited to come to the Crib. . .   invited to look at the Infant who would be my King, my Redeemer, the Son of God,  my God.

Just follow the signs.



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