To the 3.7 million people in Paris  this weekend:  “Wish we were there.”

I guess I’ll just second the editorial opinion of the Daily Mail:

daily mail


These men gave the people of France a collective cold shoulder.

They turn their backs on the American people too.   We are both shamed and insulted by these four men —  who were placed in high offices of our government.

For all the apologizers for these four men,  who give the old tired excuse “Bush did it!!!”  —  meaning President  Bush did not go to Spain right after the many were killed there at the train station in a terrorist attack, you are missing the point.  This rally in France was not merely a memorial for those 17 in France who were recently killed.  It was not merely some kind of mass mourning;   it was a RALLY AGAINST ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Separate and apart from the public expression of sorrow and solidarity with the French people,  this rally was a statement against terrorist tactics and those who use them.

We Americans join.

It is the four miscreants we reject.







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