The vast Great Smoky Mountains of the United States:

P Great Smokies
When my road trips take me southward,  I always stop somewhere in the Great Smokies to visit the people and see their history in the many fine museums.  I enjoy their music:  “hillbilly music,”  maybe;   bluegrass music;   bluegrass-gospel music.   Renfro Valley,  you know?    I visit their pioneer villages.


I enjoy seeing them do their crafts, and I enjoy talking with some of the ladies about handcraft skills that we share.     They freely share their knowledge and experience with me as we talk tatting, crocheting,  candle-making,   quilting . .  .


I enjoyed speaking with a young teenage waiter in some restaurant in the Valley about his Christian faith, and mine.  Though different “religions,”  we have one and the same Lord.

You can find the soul of America there in the Smokies.   (for you politically correct:   of course you can find the soul of America in a few other places too)
What is soul?   It’s that which makes you alive and uniquely you.  Those qualities that make up the very core and essence of who you are.   It’s also the qualities that are typical of something and that make it special.   Soul or “anima”  can be the mind or intellect of the living person or of the collective mind and intellect of a nation.

It’s who you are!   It’s “who” and what a nation is!

Paris,  France:

I’ve heard several people speak, now,  after the recent Rally in Paris.  Many were French, some were friends  and observers of the French.    They spoke about what went wrong in their country that resulted in the killing of 17 people by enemies acting from within.      What were the failure of their social decisions?  the failure of their intelligence system?     of their economy?    of their  prisons . . . ?

Each point was a good one, perhaps true,  but I thought how small each point was, like no one point seemed to be the crucial one that would solve the main problem of containing and controlling the people in their midst who want to kill them.

“They’re just grasping at straws,”  I thought, as the common American expression goes.


Then I remembered my trip to a pioneer village in the Great Smokies, and how delighted I was to understand some of their craftsmanship.  I now understood how even a broom is made. With straws!     “You grasp the straws like this,  and then. . .”

Grasping at the individual straws is exactly how you build a broom!

I thought again of what I was hearing from France –  One at a time the Europeans were giving us their points of analysis,  focusing on “a straw,”  just one issue which they understood well,  and I realized what was more important was the spirit in which these comments were given —  they were trying to save France.  They were trying to save Europe!   They were reaching down into the core and essence of who they are and finding out what was “different.”

Other  speakers were thinking about their own nations who are in similar trouble.   An Englishman who wanted England to be English spoke.   A Dutchman who is known for wanting to preserve the Dutch national identity spoke.   Even the leader of the Germans, who got her position by indicating that she could look “beyond Germany,”  made some helpful and stirring remarks that hinted at self-preservation.

Last night Son was with me, watching the big game, of course –

ohio state

Hurray for the Big Ten!!

Afterwards,   watching the local entertainment-news program,  we saw more Europeans speak,  and Son remarked that, at last,  it sounds like more and more people over there are rising up to protect themselves.

I am not with “the Revolution,” — it killed many people like me —  and I’m not with the continuing Progressive revolution — it still seeks to repress people like me;  but I heard that the Marseillaise was sung officially  in government for the first time since World War I !    Perhaps they can pick up all their “straws”   and rise again!   Arise!   Avant tout … !    …non?

That is significant and hopeful.   According to much prophecy,  the restoration of Europe hinges on the restoration of  Christian France,  of France-Before-Progressive-Socialism.   It’s our only hope against the tyranny of the global governance of “the Revolution.”

Seemed impossible.

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