Today is the Octave of the Epiphany.  We draw our awareness of the Epiphany to a close today ,  with hopes that we know more, now,  on this Eighth Day than we did before this season began.
This revealing, or epiphany, of who the Christmas Baby really is was given to witnesses in three separate events, and there is a threefold trinity of meaning to plunge into.


In the first event,  the Wise Scholars from the East witnessed the special Sign in the heavens above and followed it to the One the Creator had sent.   They came, they adored and worshiped Him.   And they paid homage to Him with Gifts.

Gifts that acknowledge  the true identity of the Holy Infant.


(Why choose gold?)


(Why choose frankincense?)


( And why choose myrrh?)

Knowledge of these three gifts would instruct our minds.   The understanding of their meaning would mold and shape the essence of who we are as individuals.

The three gifts will set the pattern for our behavior as Christians.

So I do not put these facsimiles of the gifts away with my Christmas things,  because I’ll have to honor Him with  these gifts too in the coming year.

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