(With apologies to Alan Jay Lerner and “My Fair Lady” — I have a “street where I live” too.)

Well, if I can get it all together,  this is the street where I live:


Thanks to a Christmas present from Daughter, via the New York Times.

And probably the google maps that they used:


That’s me,  right about in the center, right under lots and lots of those darkest trees.    You really can’t even see my roof.

My first thought:   Oh, this is really going to be hard, all those trees, like those impossible jelly bean jigsaw puzzles.

Then, as I got going:    Oh, this isn’t so bad.  I recognize everything in the picture!!   This is where I Rollerblade and bike ride and take long walks….  everything is familiar to me!

Three hours later:     This is awful!  Why does my daughter want to torture me?

I’ll feel better in a little while and I’ll want to attack this puzzle again.  And again and again and again.    I found out that I like the activity of picture-puzzling.     It’s good for the brain, I think.    It calls on a different sort of mind activity, a different sort of concentrating, a different sort of “seeing.”      Self-discipline.    Perseverance.   Analyzing.    Some sort of  pre-imaging.    Mental assembly of the parts.     Seeing the whole in the individual parts.    Tolerating deferred gratification.    Perspective control.

Seeing your life from a different perspective!     My first experience with “perspective”  is this aerial photograph of me –


I’m down there!  I’m in a teeny, microscopically small red dress waving up at my friend who is flying overhead, taking this photo.    Maybe you can’t see me in this photograph of a photograph,  but from this angle you can see the dark opening for my backyard pond, just above the center point.

Perspective.   I didn’t think he was flying very high, yet I am insignificant.     Once when I flew right overhead on my way to Detroit,  I looked down and couldn’t even see this neighborhood.      I look down and feel me dwindling down into nothing.

I am an insignificant dot of hoped-for significance.  

I’m going to have a lot of time to think about that as I assemble “the street where I live.”


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