Beautiful snowfall recently.  Just had to stop and watch the slow and steady downward drifting of the white flakes.   Next summer I’ll just remember, “Oh, yeah,  snow is pretty…”  —  and that’s all, so I wanted to stop and take the time to experience what a snowfall is, while I was seeing one.

Takes time.

But, then, just as happened in the last posting or two,  there was a deep, dark melancholy seeping into this day.  The bright snowflakes were only an overlay on top of the reality of this world.

school maam
You all know I’m a teacher, by nature.   All my life, from early childhood onwards I’ve seen the world through the eyes of someone responsible for teaching others.

So the melancholy of this day has its roots somewhere around 30 years ago,   when my children were old enough to no longer need a mother to be in the home, physically,  all day long while they were in school.   I could go back to public schoolteaching!   My schedule would be roughly theirs, and I would not have to abdicate any of my motherly duties.

But there was no need for me.   When I had been a public schoolteacher, I had 28 to 34 first graders in my classroom each year.   Now,  there was no need for any more teachers.    Classroom size had fallen to somewhere around 20, but  there was  still an oversupply of teachers.

Where were all the children?

Answer:   In my home state,  TWO CLASSROOMS WORTH of children,  like my dear little first graders,  had been burned to death!  cut up into little pieces!  torn apart by machines!   and in other ways tortured while they were still alive.    50 – 60 living babies PER DAY!

If somehow a baby survived,  he was thrown into a nearby trash receptacle, according to eyewitnesses.    Until he died.

No more little children to teach… or to love… or to raise to be our new mothers and fathers and scientists and doctors and inventors and businessmen and laborers …  and good citizens … and souls who have the opportunity to choose Eternal Goodness …

school chil

How many have we lost?     57,000,000 Americans and counting?    59,000,000 ?

It’s not melancholy.     It’s January 22nd.

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