Making progress:

I began this puzzle a few days ago.   (“On The Street Where You Live.”)  This is my street, my neighborhood,  and I’ve spent many hours in the past week here. So many hours, in fact, that I’m beginning to feel like a Peeping Tom – these are my neighbors, after all!
Working on the puzzle has given me time to think, though;  to think things through with more time than I usually give myself to think.  And it’s been mostly a week for very serious thoughts.


stickup ladyI was thinking of the street smarts I had when I was a child growing up in the city.  I knew grownups often took Mug Money with them, in case they were mugged on the street.   $5,  $10,  $15,  depending on how you were going to be dressed  and what street you’d be walking on.


My memory resurrected this process today because I have finally sent in  to the government (I won’t tell you which one)  what is probably the equivalent of Mug Money.   There was no justification for their demand,  no documentation, no foundation —  but it’s costing me increasingly more to get to the bottom of this, and all the evidence points to scammers deeply entangled within the actual  government agency, to the point of confusing the legitimate employees who can only repeat what they see on their computer screen, but have no idea why those particular numbers are there.
(My C.P.A. office is investigating further,  but not with my “permission”  or at my request  and not with my name so that there will be no retaliation or further expense.)

I’m upset.    I stopped it this time by giving them their Mug Money —  Working the jigsaw puzzle helped a bit.


Those are my couches out there in the snow.   Two very old ones from the basement rec room and one from my living room.   Couches older than many of my readers!

It was a busy day here yesterday:

A flatbed way out there on the street picking up the old couches.  The yellow Penske delivering my new couches.

Um….  All is well.   I really like my new couches.   But as I worked more on the jigsaw puzzle I thought:  I just un-did three rooms in my home to make room for new furniture.    Dismantled part of my home — and part of my memories.

What kind of homes do we have that we can dismantle parts of them, and take in new couches — new strangers —  make a new “home”?

A temporary home,  that’s what kind.

I tried not to think of all those family couch memories while I worked more on the puzzle.   And one day my new couches will just be a memory.   And one day I will just be a memory.     Maybe.   Maybe to a few people.

And DEATH comes next.


soul up stairsThe mother of a good neighbor died suddenly this week.    Really, really suddenly and unexpectedly.    She was a good woman;  happy,  lively, engaged in activities and friendships.   Death is so wrong.

My neighbor,  still in enough shock so he could speak,  said that his mother had taught him and his brothers and sisters to love Jesus and to pray.  What a wonderful legacy.


Again,  death is so wrong,  but I know why we all deserve it.   I know there is a place in Hell reserved for us —  and I know what the Resurrection of Jesus means for us.
Then, as I’m working on the puzzle, I thought further:     But what about those who have loved ones who live however they want to live and who do not live with Jesus and pray,   so that they can stand before a very Holy God and receive a new home in Heaven?

A permanent home.  Not like our temporary ones that get dismantled.

A safe home forever.   Jesus paid the Mug Money for us.

A home with no more death.

A home where jigsaw puzzles are not needed to help figure things out.

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  1. R Jandron Says:


    I hope you are wrong about a place “reserved” for us in hell? I am hopeful that there is a place “reserved” for us in Heaven and any thing short of that is a failure. Hope you get your “mess” straightened out with finances.

  2. Yes, I understand. It’s not a comfortable thought. I had actually written that we have “a place reserved in heaven” — but I changed it, because in actuality the default position of the Human Race is in Hell with the Evil One who rebelled against God and got us to do it too (willingly).

    So we’re pretty much without help — until the Death and Resurrection of Jesus which alone is truly efficacious for our salvation out of Hell.

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