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February 26, 2015

. . . IN HIS HANDS . .  .

Music Notes        HE’S GOT THE  W   H   O   L   E   WORLD    IN HIS HANDS . . .

HE’S GOT . . . .


King George III

Well, King George III didn’t.   He couldn’t control Paul Revere and Revere’s communication.   (“One if by land, two if by sea!!”)   King George couldn’t control the messages of Thomas Paine et al.      King George III didn’t have the “whole world”  in his hands.    American colonists defeated him – and we won our freedom – back then.

Why do I talk about “the whole world” ?

Internet O  I got itBecause this Buraq Huss * ein person is only the facilitator of powerful UN control.  One again our internal, so/* ver/ eign laws  (and this time our Internet regulations)   must be aligned with  UN  desires,  with the “whole world.”

The big global structure in the background of that picture is allowing him to hold a smaller world.

Ahh,  if only King George III could have had the power of unelected commissions like the FCC (and so many others)  to exert his power through!  Then no one but the king would have a voice.

But then England had the Magna Carta to keep the king in check.

We are apparently constitutionless.

(Perhaps this is a little hyperbole;  my favorite form of humor, after all.)

But much of the “Transformation”  of America is being done  extra-constitutionally.       The One who is supposed to defend the Constitution now rules unilaterally,  by dictat.     By fiat.    Quickest way to take down a republic.     (That would be us.)



February 26, 2015

(No pictures, I think; this has to be from your own imagination.)
Would you rather get attacked by criminals online;   or by criminals who come to your home, beat on your door,  pretend to be acting on behalf of the government or a business, and demand your money?

A.  Attacked online.

B.  Attacked in the physical world.
It’s an interesting question.

Just listened to an overnight interview with Marc Goodman (Future Crimes)  former LAPD  and  now focusing on cyber crime, hacking, and identity theft.

Also just came from my dentist – long appointment but he’s so good and we had time to talk.     Upon asking me what I had been up to lately and hearing about my own ongoing identity theft,  he told me that his little business had also been the victim of identity theft and also through means of false income tax filings.

Cyber crime is  deeply a  part of our society,  it’s everywhere and in every single system, and  I see now that what we hear reported on the news is just a small portion of all the cybe rcrime that is going on.

The economic system of banking, bill paying,  buying and selling,  online medical reporting,  tax paying is all compromised, and it’s accelerating.

Cyber crime.  We fight bloodlessly (usually) from our chairs.  Months pass as we fill out countless forms and notifications, so  we are robbed of time as well as our money.

But at least there are no bullets waiting for us,  no knives, no bludgeons,  no cords ready to tie us up.

Thieves are thieves, and they all steal our time, money,  property, and sense of security.   But with cyber crime, in most cases our bodies are untouched.  (Cyberstalking and loss of privacy are two other issues.)

That’s a good thing.

But the bad thing is so are the criminals safer — most often uncaught and easily moving and expanding their criminal enterprise to other cyberplaces.

(Okay.  Read Marc Goodman’s book Future Crime, if you want to know more.)

My opinion and my prediction is this:   the cybercriminals will so greatly bring down this system that we’re used to,  that we will try to return to the economic system of interchange that our grandparents knew — that is, offline, person to person.    And we won’t do well.     As a whole, we don’t know as much as our grandparents (or great-grandparents)   did.      In general, we cannot add or subtract anymore or make readable penmanship or communicate clearly in our own native language,  but we will try;  we’ll try  to be less “cyber”  and more physically real.

And then the old-fashioned thieves will come to our physical doors.    Thieves.  Thugs.   Brigands.   Bandits.

And why is that?

It isn’t the loss of safety.  It isn’t the loss of education.

It is the loss of classical and traditional morality which had always kept us safe.    And that’s, as they say,  a whole ‘nother thing.

NYET !!!

February 25, 2015


(Ugh.  I hate news days like this.)


Nyet cr

“NYET!”   says Thomas Wheeler,  head of the powerful Government Commission that is going to take over the Internet.    “NYET!  — I am NOT going to answer questions that any  congressman will put to me.  NYET!  I will not meet with them, even though that is their job to do so.  I work for the Dictator — I do not have to answer to anyone else!”

Khrushchev and shoe“We have our role model and our example.   He pounded his shoe on the podium and predicted that we all will BURY you Americans.”

Heh heh.

Yes!  to Top Down Global Socialist Dictatorship!

NYET!  to you Americans.

flag dont-tread1

Where are the  Congressmen with their walking canes ready to beat this guy over the head until he runs away in shame?   (Just a little fact-based historical joke, there.)

Maybe I’m going to miss the free Internet more than I thought I would.



February 25, 2015


Bear snarl

Bad things have happened since  The Government “fixed” our healthcare. We now have a broken mess with more expense and less health care treatment with fewer doctors and fewer people who are eligible to receive care.

Now,   within 24 hours The Government will vote to take over the Internet.

In the interest of Government-defined   Transparency, we were shown the Secret Book – 322 pages long – and told “In here we will fix the Internet and make it “Affordable” for you.”

 Big  332 page book

But, no, you can’t see what’s in there. Not even the people in Congress whom you voted for.   They’re Out.

It’s no secret that in this country if you say “Democrat” you mean Central Planning – we are controlled and regulated Top Down. Put another way, Big Brother should watch over us and make sure we stay in line. big govt

But for this particular matter there is even one Democrat, Senator Clyburn, who thinks the Secret Book might go too far. (Or at least too far too fast). He’s on the FCC, the muscular Government arm who is doing this to us.   And he’s saying, Well, wait a minute….

At first that was a morsel of encouragement, but these excerpts from an article filed on The Hill should tell you to think again:

Clyburn’s changes would leave in place the central and most controversial component … that broadband Internet service should be reclassified so that it can be treated as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act, similar to utilities like phone lines.”


Other FCC officials have previously said that the broader act of reclassifying broadband Internet service would, in and of itself, give the commission enough power to oversee interconnection deals. That opinion has been backed up by lawyers at Google, among others, who made the argument to FCC officials last week.”    (A big hurray from Google)

Another news article discussed the coming Government-approved television programming and Government-approved pricing.

The bottom line of that article is: “The FCC declined to comment.”

If you don’t get excited about this, then check and see if you went to the new and improved Government school system. It’s “for the children.” Those children who now rank LAST in educational achievement among developed countries.


Short term gains: non-citizens without documents get to have free health care services in our country.

Short term gains: evil corporations might not be able to charge high fees to cable companies – and to Google- at least for a little while.


The two wolves are voting with the lamb to decide what to have for dinner.


February 24, 2015

I am singularly uninspired tonight, battle-weary and fatigued, but I have to write about my Lenten reading:  I said I would. And in spite of this blogger being a woman, and in spite of the book being “about” a woman, this is actually a man’s book about real men, about being a good man – or, by contrast, realizing what a defective man is.

(Later, I shall direct you to a “Gentleman” to tell you more.)


Among the things we do during Lent — fasting, abstinence, extra almsgiving, extra praying, penitential acts ( just “in case” we’ve ever sinned!), mortifications, and extra spiritual reading, it is the extra or additional spiritual reading that will probably last the longest in our memories when Lent is over.

So I’ve added to my normal Lenten reading an important book this year, one I’ve read before and “liked” but I was only a teenager, and I missed all the significance this book has to offer.


The book is Kristin Lavransdatter. That’s a photo of my old “genuine antique” clothbound copy of the book (Archer translation, if you know these things) – a gift from my sister, long ago.

Kristin lived in 14th century Norway, and this is the story of Life through her life, as she experiences people, death, the men around her, death, much death, the common dreadful challenges of life in the beautiful, natural Scandinavian world of greens and grays and blues and white — fields and mountains and sky, ocean and snow.

I read it long ago because I too was a young Scandinavian woman, (Lavrans’ family was from Sweden, after all); I must have looked like her, I was familiar with the names she knew and the personality traits of those around her. We seemed to have so much in common, but I was depressed and disturbed by all the harsh things that happened to her. Is this what Life is going to be like? And the ending almost didn’t seem to belong to the rest of her life.

But Kristin had one thing that I didn’t have when I was a teenager, and that is she had the Catholic Faith that put it all together and gave purpose and significance to life as she lived it and to death as it happened all around her and finally to her.

I’m eager now to read it with “Catholic eyes” — because I know this is a significant book in Western Civilization and, more importantly, it’s a book with meaning for the whole human race. I don’t think I’m overstating it; the author, Sigrid Undset,  won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

I’ve just begun the book, but the author is so skilled that I feel I’ve entered Kristin’s world.  I am already humbled.

I need to make clear that Kristin was a woman because the men around her were real men.   A case could be made that this is actually a book for men — “it will grow hair on your chest” as one man puts it.

With wonderful funny hyperbole, this man makes the case for this book better than I could:

(He says) Kristin Lavransdatter will make you weep and shout and stay up way too late with eyes as big as saucers. But you will sleep like a baby, and in the morning you will wake up with a bonfire in your heart. “That’s right,” you’ll say, your voice husky from drinking mead with kinsmen after a long Alpine hunt. “Real men read novels.” You’ll make your morning offering and kiss your brown scapular, and then you’ll drive to the jobsite…with your tear-stained copy of Kristin Lavransdatter tucked somewhere between your toolbox and your Stanley thermos.”

Here is a link to his wonderfully funny but important reasons for reading Kristin Lavransdatter:   “Be a man”:    The Catholic Gentleman.”

Her epic trilogy is a call to arms. Do not be content to watch from the sidelines. . .”

Enjoy.   He writes so much better than I.



February 23, 2015

If you lived where I do,  you’d know what a welcome sight this is!

SAMSUNGThis is the front wall of my garage, and I park my car up against that woodpile.

(A huge, grateful thanks to Son for all his work!   I know it was hard work, but it looks almost like a work of art.)

A few weeks ago I wrote that our Weatherman wasn’t being too generous with his “Fahrenheits” –  we were experiencing a severe cold spell of single digit temperatures.  Well, two or three “cold spells” later,  our Weatherman is now subtracting Fahrenheits from us.     That is, I woke up this morning to   -12 F —  not wind chill,  just the temperature.     Twelve.  Degrees.  Below.  Zero.

I know we’re not the only ones in America with the extreme cold, and we live here in the Far North – no complaints from me.

And it’s the season of Lent;  does one dare to complain about a  lack of creature comfort?

I’ve been dealing with some personal challenges,  mostly involving identity theft.  With Hubbie gone now,  I don’t have his steady optimism to strengthen me.    I don’t have his manly confidence to absorb into the place inside me that tells me things might be, ultimately, okay.     But I’m learning how to deal with this, and with some pressure off, I can focus on the season.

So, I came home from my class this afternoon, opened the garage door, and saw that welcoming sight:  all that firewood waiting for me.  A little optimism for the evening hours.     Supper;  Lenten devotions;   social duties;  Lenten reading.     I am a “product”  of Gustav Vasa.    King Gustav I Vasa.     His actions long ago molded the world I was born into.   On that basis, I chose my Lenten reading for this year.

Not too long a  post tonight.    Just wanted to check in and say:  No matter how bad, how complicated, how uncomfortable your life can become,  it will lessen,  it might pass,  you will cope,  with the strength of your loved ones around you —  and be upheld by the God who made you — although I think you have to call out to Him first.

He that dwelleth in the aid of the most High, shall abide under the protection of the God of Jacob

He shall say to the Lord: Thou art my protector, and my refuge: my God, in him will I trust.

. . .he hath given his angels charge over thee; to keep thee in all thy ways.

He shall cry to me, and I will hear him: I am with him in tribulation, I will deliver him, and I will glorify him.

I wasn’t smart enough to think of those verses from the Psalms by myself,   but  I was reminded of them on Sunday.      The short prayers given for the First Sunday in Lent came from the Psalms and seemed to talk directly to the prayers I had been sending up.      Sending up frantically, I might add.   Here is one of the short prayers for this Sunday:

The Lord will overshadow thee with His shoulders, and under His wings thou shalt trust: His truth shall compass thee with a shield.

I can’t have Hubbie’s arms around me,  I know God’s arms are stronger,   but “under His wings”  is where I had been needing to be these past weeks.   I was very affected by that little prayer.   How could I be needing and asking . . .  and then the response is forced into my attention right during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

And that brings me back to King Gustav — a man of legends;  a man of great violence and cruelty;  a charismatic young man;   a man who is the “father” of modern,  independent Sweden       —  Oh, here he is:

Gustav Vasa

—  A man who manipulated the world around him to increase his power and to increase Sweden’s economic influence in Europe;  a man who “saved”  Sweden.

A man who took away the Faith from my ancestors,   not by a stroke of his pen,  but by his sword — many swords.

Which brings me back to my Lenten reading, which I promise to present in my next posting, even though it’s not about this king and even though it’s a very manly book, and I’m very much not.


Firewood Art:






February 21, 2015

clipper ship
Heh, heh –  just a little ship talk there.

No,   The Spruce Tunnel is not going to make a full 180 degree turn here on subject matter.   Not an about face, exactly.    But  I’m a teacher,  not a watchman;   “raising the alarm”  is not my natural mandate.

It used to be hard to find articles on the Internet about the things I was  becoming concerned about.   Now it’s not.    Not hard at all.  For as long as we still have the Internet,  we can all read The Writing On The Wall for ourselves.

cliper wheel

Now when I get steamed up about something, I know there are plenty of other people out there who are explaining the issue very well.   And each of us have a unique point of view, a one-of-a-kind take on things that needs to be added to the public discussion.   I hope you will talk;  write;  blog;  text; inform;   question and demand answers from your (informed) point of view,  because:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

“When Good ceases to confront Evil,  it ceases to be “Good.”

So, my “unique”  take on things in the last post was to bring up the idea of The Trojan Horse:    The same method  used by the Modernists to take down the Church and substitute a radically different purpose was also used in this country  by the extreme Leftists, the Progressives, and by association,  the Radicalized Muslims who are on the move again this century,  to take down America.

“Just put your people in positions of power (into The Trojan Horse), and you eliminate your opposition.”    Again, I’m not doing a complete 180 here with that helm,  there are others who can expound on the dangers we’re in,  but I can do a little humorous commentary.

Humorous Question:     Why do the Extreme Leftists looks so smug when they feel they have the power, now, to “Transform”   their institutions?

Grin on Pope



One from the continent of South America,  one from the continent of Africa.

Now, the Church has survived miseducated, misguided popes before,   it takes prayer,   personal piety, and the help of God;  but the average life of a republic has been, historically speaking,  only about 200 years.    It’s going to take a lot of work to keep our own Republic going true.

Clipper true

Stay true to our  Founding.    Hold on to the Origins.

And those smug grins will turn on you if you hold on to what the Church – or our nation –  really stands for.

“…a lot of work…”



February 20, 2015

(pardon the repetitive language)
He (they) can say the word “Christian” now, if it’s associated with extremism.    But he (they)  still can’t say the other word when it comes to a movement that is expanding with beheadings,  slashings,  explosives, and vicious military, legal, and monetary warfare.    He (they) can’t say that word.

We**   are beginning to discover why.

Torjan Horse in city
A long time ago a battle was fought successfully with a Trojan Horse.    This technique successfully brought down a long-standing enemy.

The Trojan Horse is a SUCCESSFUL  technique of war.

Our children were commonly educated with the story of the Trojan Horse;  it’s how young men in the Western world learned their Greek and learned their history and learned deeds of heroism for the good of their own people.

The Trojan Horse used to be part of our Common Cultural Literacy.

Knowledge of the Trojan Horse has been removed from at least two generations of American children – perhaps given to them only in a paragraph or two, summarized to the point of irrelevance.   “What could some old Trojan Horse story have to do with me?”  

“Oh, nothing much;  it just helped some ancient Greeks win a battle.”

As long as we think it’s irrelevant to us today,  we dummies (dhimmis) won’t recognize it when it’s used against us:

Anywhere from one to two dozen top ranking powerful officials in government in this country  are Sunni Muslims and/or associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.   That’s easy to look up.  Just start with the FBI director, for instance.

(All religions are equal, right?  Moral equivalence, and all that?)

Well, one of the most powerful,   constant ear,   aide,  and adviser to the one who was given the office of our presidency  might not be Sunni.   She’s born and raised in Iran;  so does that make her a Shi’ite?       (The enemy of my enemy is my……)

That’s all right.   Stuffed into the Trojan Horse, she is almost invisible to the American people who are beginning to look more and more like dummies (dhimmis)  for not knowing or caring.

The half-brother of the person they put into our  wh/ it /e  h/ous/e is the leading financier and financial-fundraiser of the Muslim Brotherhood.***

Recently there was a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood*** – behind closed doors.    And officially denied for as long as possible.    Then it was admitted.    No more questions, thank you.

All stuffed into the Trojan Horse.

Trojan HOrse window

Know what happened recently at a Texas rodeo?   Know what’s happening soon in Oklahoma?   Know what happened at the so-called National (Christian) Shrine,  the largest cathedral in America?     Know what happened to girls in a school in Sacramento recently?

Know how powerful a Trojan Horse is?

Know why it’s not an old boring dusty literature assignment?

Because it is still a successful war tactic!

The Trojan Horse is a SUCCESSFUL  technique of war.


**    “We”  are the military commanders who see close, up front;  “we”  are the political leaders on both sides of the aisle who are becoming alarmed;  “we” are the political analysts;  “we”  are the foreign leaders who are speaking out, finally, against the policies of American destruction coming from WITHIN American government.

And “we” are the people who are hearing the warnings of the military commanders, politicians, policy analysts, and foreign leaders.

***  (A reminder:     This group  was once declared   a terrorist organization.  Oh, the horror when we realized Americans had put these people in power in country after country during the “Arab Spring.”   Nice phrase, huh?   But it wasn’t nice and we did it and the Muslim Brotherhood gained immense power in the world.)


February 19, 2015

“Pulverized”  into dust.   “Pulvis.”    Remember, O man —   “Memento homo, quia pulvis est, et in pulverem reverteris.”

ash be there when you die

The priest of the Church can say those words.   He can honestly tell you that you were made from the “dust” of the Earth, and you will revert back to dust some day.      

A good priest, a true priest, can tell you that you are just a pile of dust . . .  for now.

Ash Wes sign

Our death is the hard truth of Life.


Lent – to get ready. . . .


February 17, 2015

We know the words (he) can’t say are “Christian”  to describe the victims in today’s news;  and the word “Islam”  to describe the attackers.

Let’s at least look at these two words in the context of history:


This is a screenshot from a history lecture.    Each of the red dots is a major battle won by the Mohammedans  against the people living in territories of the Classical Western civilization.    It was one of several of their  great military expansion periods.

The map of conquest goes eastward too.

We lost vast amounts of classical art, classical works of literature and science.    Immense library centers in India, Persia, and Egypt were destroyed.     Again, many, many precious works of Greek and Latin learning were gone forever.  This set back the general knowledge of the world to a degree which we cannot really calculate.

A century or two later, in the 8th and 9th centuries,  they, the conquerors, looked at a few of the remaining works of classical antiquity.  They copied and preserved the remaining few,  but they couldn’t really translate them accurately;  they didn’t have enough to go on and Greek concepts are not readily translated into Arabic vocabulary.   The mistakes and misdirections were transported into Medieval Europe, and Europe had to wait for the genius of Aquinas to sort things out and begin to make permanent progress in logic and philosophy.   That progress in logic and philosophy produced the kind of science we have today.

Meanwhile, Europe itself was threatened again and again with waves of military expansion from Islamic armies.      Christians and Jews were not allowed to visit the most holy sites in their own history.   Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist sites were being desecrated and destroyed.   A response was needed:

SAMSUNGRemember all those red dots?    Well, the little red crosses are the sum total of the Christian battles during the Crusades.    Not very successful.

What did the Christians lose?


Right away – swiftly –  in that first deadly period of expansion, much of Christian territory was lost.

You know about the New Testament.  Christianity spread throughout the known world by means of evangelization – word of mouth.  THEY HAD NO ARMIES.   But within the first  decades of the existence of Islam,  Christians had been killed or enslaved and forcibly converted in Persia,  Iraq, Syria, Lebanon,  Egypt,  Carthage ….   all over North Africa.  These are regions which gave us some of our greatest saints and church leaders.

A few decades more,  much more Christian territory was lost.     (see the first map above)

There.   I said those two words.   I know the words  “Christian”  and   “Islam.”     I’m not a “dummy”  and I’ll never be a “dhimmi.”

It’s not so hard to sort it out if you know the historical record.



February 16, 2015

I’m glad to see the pictures I posted last time are at last being shown in our entertainment-news media services today.   So let’s look at some other photos:

Let’s look at  ” the children”   and remember the words that our Rulers don’t want us to say:

The words I used in the last post apply:  they are Christian children;  non-combatants;  quiet families.    Here, in front, is a little Christian child.    I’ve seen that worried look on my little grandson.  He looks like that when he has “big troubles”  and no one can help him.    This little child has been taken from his family because they are all Christians.

Children?   More children-photos?   Here’s another little child.

Not a Christian child;  he and his friends will submit to a different god.    He’s a word our Rulers “can’t say.”

Let’s go back to more Christian children:

Jihad children hands up

They are Christians because they love Christ and they are taught to not kill or do harm;   to love and to live in peace with others;  to forgive others….

A few months ago this little group  was arrested and marched away from their homes.     Later they were asked to renounce Christ.  They said “No! We love Jesus!”

And were beheaded shortly after this photo.

There is a flood of photos of beheaded children coming out of the Middle East, children cut in half,  children … killed in many different ways, often first used for a while by those who like young female flesh . . . .   The tearful, heart-wrenching eyewitness testimony is crying out for a response.

No response from the one who can’t say “Christian”  or “Islam.”

O raghead   70-30       He has said nothing at all about this incident.   It just …  you know …  just happened.      Just happened without us.

But if you’d like to keep score today,  it’s Rounds of Golf:    #218.     Executed children:   # x,xxx     (in the thousands)



February 16, 2015

(A thank you to “Getty Images”  for allowing this to be used in the news all over the world.)

These people are waiting for death.   They’re next in line.   Soon.

Dead next

Nice people.  Family people.   Doing exactly what I did yesterday in my country.   I would have fit right into that picture.    They will be killed soon because they do exactly what I do.

They are Christians, quietly worshiping.  Quietly and fearfully worshiping in a country that was “transformed” by  successful everlasting Jihad.      They will also be machine-gunned in their church;  or burned alive;  or gunned down as they leave their church;  or arrested and “disappeared.”     They know they’re next in line — to be killed.

Peace and mercy from a crescent-moon god?    No forcing people to submit to the crescent-moon god religion?    You’d better read all of the Koran,  not just the verses from the first part.

Speaking of lines and “next in line,”    how about a day at the beach?


I’m sure you’ve seen this;    it happened several weeks ago:

Accompanied,  I’m sure so they don’t lose the way.   But they weren’t going for a swim.

Because they are Christians.     The ones in orange are Christians.     And there was great sadness among those “left behind”   —


Non-combatants.   Quiet citizens.   Coptic Christian citizens, under the control of a “merciful” god.

(Knee Jerk Alert:  No,  there is not a moral equivalence among religions.   Tu quoque is a logical fallacy.  )

Now,   in the midst of the many brutal killings of Christians in Europe, America, and especially the Middle East,  it has been noted with surprise, mockery, ridicule, and puzzlement that  the one who was placed in the office of our pre*sid enc*y   has not been able to pronounce the word “Islam”  or “Christian.”    All the rest of the world’s leaders use these terms;   this one cannot.

SAMSUNG  He was obliged to make some comment on the brutal killing of these Coptic Christians by the Islamic radicals.   But he could not pronounce the word “Christian” for the victims and he could not pronounce the word “Islam” for the killers.    This is not the first time the identity of the perpetrators  (die Träten)  has been obscured.

He cannot say the word;  who will speak out for these Christian victims?

The Moslem Brotherhood in our country and Islam the world over has successfully maneuvered themselves into the position of “Victim.”   There is room for only one in that position.    Themselves.

Facts be damned.


February 16, 2015

How is my (Christmas present)  jigsaw puzzle  coming?


Just fine, thank you.    But   s  l  o  w  l   y!   I think there are too many pieces  for the holes that are left.   Or something.

I won’t quit because this is MY street, a photo of my street made into a puzzle by the New York Times.    It’s a difficult puzzle in that many of the pieces are identical to each other, many nearly identical.   At this point I have to deconstruct some of the areas and use those pieces elsewhere.

It’s all right.  It gives me time to try to pull my thoughts together too.   Time to “deconstruct”  some of the things that aren’t quite accurate and put firmly into place those pieces that do fit — and are part of a larger, truer picture.

(I highly recommend jigsaw puzzles for everyone!)

Time for housekeeping.   Time for the Truth.   (Time for Lent, as a matter of fact.)

We live in a far more dangerous world than we like to think.  That’s that “Bias to Normal”  that I referred to at the end of the last post.   It is indeed a coping technique,  but if we fail to see what is not “normal,”  and do nothing, we will have less and less of “normal”  and will some day have to deal with the actual dangers which have been growing around us.

bear seeing you

Bear have been a longstanding metaphor here in The Spruce Tunnel.      Bear see you before you see them.   They hunt.  They stalk.  They sneak up on you — and attack before your defenses are up.    Just ask me and my family one day in the woods in the Far Far North.

 Close up,  they snarl,  they stink,   they slobber gooey stuff on you,  and I’m beginning to re-live this experience through “current events.”

So,  as I’m putting together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the street where I live,  I’m also carefully facing the truth about the menace that makes up the “storm”  that swirled about me this weekend,  that knocked me off my feet for a while,  that stalks us like a Bear,  closer and closer.

I’m going to be more plain-speaking for a while as I put all the pieces together.

(I might thank my daughter for this present later.)



February 16, 2015

8 days?   One of the longest silences The Spruce Tunnel has experienced.  Sorry for that.   If I listed all the bad things, difficult things, dangerous things,  frustrating and fearful things that have been going on here in such a short time,  it would sound like a “storm” has been swirling around me.   A storm made of elements bigger than I am.

Some of them will eventually work out well;  some will not.


I’d rather write about this storm, that swirled up and down my street yesterday, same weather front that millions of Americans are experiencing.   There are storms like this — and there are “storms”  of another kind.

I wanted to stay home because of my “storms.”     Shelter and hide.       It was looking too bad out there.   But I needed about three minutes of Wi-Fi, that’s all,  but it would be worth going out;   and it could be an adventure driving through the snow clouds that whirled around, driven across the street by strong, frigid winds.


I had to climb through these to get to my car.    Broom, shovel, scraper in hand,  “storms”  bring a lot of extra work just to be able to keep on going.

I didn’t know if these were snowbanks or snowdrifts along the side of my driveway —


—  but I could see some beauty in the patterns  —  even though  I had to battle the elements just to get into the car.    The icy wind found its way under my hat, through my scarf,  past my gloves,  and up into my arms  . . .   Bare skin!     Brrrrrrrr.

I adjusted all my “protection”  many times while I tried to uncover my car.    Just like Nehemiah’s strong young men  building the city walls of Jerusalem with a trowel or shovel in one hand and a sword to fight off the enemies in the other hand,  so I was trying to keep my scarf and coat on while using the scraper and broom.

When storms swirl around you, expect to get really, physically tired!

Once out onto the highway, though, I was astonished:    The roads were a little okay, but they were busy.   Lots of cars, lots of other people out in the storm.   All the parking lots I passed were filled!    Stores, restaurants, gas stations — all looked busy.

Everyone was going about their business as though there was no storm?


Here are the snowbanks along the side of the parking lot I was aiming for.   The snowbanks were twice as high as my car,  but I can’t show you that;    it was too cold to get out and do something as frivolous as taking a picture.   You can’t always do the things you want when there are “storms.”

In the midst of the swirling wind,  the sun came out, and this line of trees caught my attention as I came out of the store:


So, on the way home I marveled at how many people were out, as though it were any busy Saturday on a nice day.   They didn’t seem to be doing  anything different. . . .

And that made me nervous.

I’m seeing storms of all kinds,  surrounding us,  swirling around us,  threatening us,    and . . . life goes on.

There was a man in the parking lot that I was just leaving.   He got out of his car, began to walk, and a big gust of wind blew a cloud of icy snow into him.  He wore an overcoat, unbuttoned,  over a business suit.    The wind nearly tore his coat off.    He was not dressed for the storm.

He and many others had not prepared for the “storms.”    


I arrived home,  between wind gusts.   Things were calmer for a while.   Mission accomplished with the Wi-Fi.   I took home with me the memory of people walking around amidst the swirling clouds of snow, leaning into the wind,  grasping their coats close to them, but nevertheless,  going about their business.

I deliberately took into my house with me the sense of normalcy amidst the storm.

“Bias to the Normal.”     A survival technique.


NOT MY 2015

February 8, 2015

I have a lot to learn from my grandson.

This was Cooper’s New Year’s Eve:

Cooper with 2015

He was on “California time”…three hours behind us.  Staying up past midnight had been easy for him for the past five days at Grandma’s house.   And then it was News Year’s Eve and we planned a big noisy funny happy party,  mostly for his enjoyment.

happy 2015

While we were getting everything ready,  Cooper picked up his iPad  (yes, his very own)  and got to work.  (Play is a child’s work,  you know.)    A little later we were all astonished to see him fast asleep, still holding his iPad!    What?  Way too early!  He knew something big and happy was coming.  He even explained to us that this is going to be a whole new year for good things to happen.    (We don’t know where he got that idea;  we think one of his teachers must have told him that.)


He was sure of it.  He was sure his Mommy and Daddy were happy that night. He was sure he was loved and respected and listened to.   He was sure and confident.

Why not sleep?

It was supposed to be just a cute family photo of him sleeping there;  but it sticks in my memory — as an admonishment.    So far my 2015 has given me more trials and challenges than I could handle, and I’m not confident about the future.

The two things “out there” that mean the most to me,  my Church and my country,  have both been taken over by foreign elements who are proceeding to raze-and-revolutionize”  us into their own image,  to align with the needs of world governance.

one world church and state

Interestingly,   both Church and country are being “transformed”  by the same agenda.  When I read the news,  I can think either Church or State, because the same thing is going on within both, and  with the opposition of its members,  but it’s happening anyway, because self-defense has been carefully bred out of us.

No Global Warming

No Global Warming

(A joint encyclical about the spurious climate change?  Good grief!)    Soon one-world state interests will be perfectly aligned with one-world religious interests.   It won’t be pretty.   (See Revelation chapters 8 – 13.)

Knowing all this,  knowing what’s coming,   it’s ironic that I ended that last fireplace” posting with Psalm 4:8:   I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep,  for you only, O Lord,  make me to dwell in safety.

Time to actually practice my faith, I guess.    Rest in peace, in God.    Maybe I could have Cooper’s kind of 2015.

I could learn a lot from my grandson.


February 6, 2015

We all have days like this.      Filled with things that keep us up all night.


It wasn’t the cold house with sub-zero weather outside.


It was the fire in the fireplace,  mesmerizing.  Every time I closed my eyes it felt like I was missing some of the “show.”


I thought if I could capture some of the fireplace scenes on camera, then I wouldn’t mind going to sleep and missing the rest of them.


So I sat there with my camera for a long time, snapping pictures once in a while.


Time is passing.    There is so much on my mind that I’m not thinking about any one thing.

IMG_3156The house is  dark and quiet.   The only thing moving is the fire.


After more time, though,  my thoughts stop swirling around, and begin coalescing into specific points of concern.   Many concerns.

What is the most troublesome?


I almost don’t want to know the answer to that.   You know how it feels.   Too many bad experiences.   Too many hard things.   Too much.   Too much.    Like the fire burning in front of me, the particulars change but the general burning,  the general assault of swirling, burning problems does not change.

This is a “world of hurt” — a world that could swirl us closer and closer into a Conflagration that will make the many particular problems meaningless some day.


I can’t stop the world.   I can’t stop its assault.   I can take care of my problems and challenges one by one,   but I can’t stop the burning, swirling . . . . depths of life.

After an hour  —  a couple hours?   three hours?   —   my particular problems blended once again into the familiar blurry chaos that forms the background of our daily living.   I let go and slid back into the present.    The present, everyday reality.   Normal life.

The curtain was pulled back a little that night in front of the fire. . . .

De profundis clamavi ad te,  Domine.

Domine, exaudi vocem meam. . . .

Quia apud Dominum misericordia et copiosa apud eum redemptio

The curtain was pulled back a little that night, and I saw the bigger world,  and then my fireplace pulled me back.   All is like it was before.

With King David I can only say:    “In peace I will both lie down and sleep,  for You alone, O Lord, make me to dwell in safety.”      (Psalm 4:8)

Domine,  exaudi vocem meam . . . .








February 3, 2015

A simple axiom: When the State decides what is Right and Wrong for us, then what we have is Tyranny.


Since the State is the sole arbiter of Right and Wrong, it can reverse itself a little later and state — and enforce — just the opposite without offering you an explanation.

Of course, public minds lag a little bit; people may balk because the new Right and Wrong is arbitrary, illogical, unsupported by facts, or contrary to what was previously said;  and so to avoid, if possible, the bloody mess of Martial Law, the State calls on help from its Fourth Estate.

“Help,” from the Fourth Estate, you see, because words can effect changes more subtly and swiftly than the sword. (In point of fact, if you look up “Fourth Estate” in Wikipedia, you will see an example of how the definition of Fourth Estate itself has been changed/modified/eased into a more malleable concept. Oh, I guess we’d say the definition has “progressed” but that very word  should arouse your suspicion:  What is the effect of changing the definition, slightly, of “Fourth Estate”?)

So that’s it, that’s the point of this short posting:

Again: When the State decides for you what is Right and Wrong, then you are living under tyranny.   It’s okay for a while — until you and the State disagree on something.    Something like freedom.

bar simnple graded gray lines

Oh — what does that have to do with my screen shot of a YouTube video documentary?


I watched this video called Judenhatet i Malmö because I was concerned about the topic in general,  hate crimes against the Jews.   It was about an hour long and entirely in Swedish, with very sketchy somewhat inaccurate subtitles in English, but I enjoyed hearing some of the cadences and sounds of the Swedish I’ve heard spoken in my childhood.   It was easy to follow the documentary.

One thing struck me, though, and that was how thoroughly indoctrinated people are to associate insults and threats to the Jews with “extreme right-wing fanaticism.”       Repeatedly, the interviewer reminded the people that there was no evidence of right-wing extremists in action in Sweden.   The actual cases of “Judenhatet” were all perpetrated by Muslims.    All cases; many Muslims proudly explaining their acts and words of violence against the Swedish Jews

And all Swedes repeated the Leftist line: “It is right-wing extremists doing it.”

Dangerous stuff, these lies.

bar simnple graded gray lines


. . . .and then I watched on televsion some of the information put out by the entertainment-news media from America today.

When the State decides for you what is Right and Wrong, then you are living under tyranny.


To paraphrase The Most Interesting Man In The World,   the  Dos Equis man:    “Stay free, my friend.    Stay free.”



February 2, 2015

“Behold,  all generations shall call me blessed.”     And so they have for nearly 2,000 years.   

mother and child
“Blessed.”    Not for her sake,  but because of her Son.

I’m a “subsequent generation”  and I’m just still learning about this beautiful woman, perfect mother. and why she is indeed blessed.  Created that way by her own Son,  her Creator and ours,  her Savior and ours.


This was a busy and significant day about 2,000 years ago.  The Christmas Family traveled one day from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, where they entered the Temple in obedience to the Law.     two doves
The Law says that there is a ceremony to be performed 40 days after a woman gives birth to a son.  This family offered two little birds for the sacrifice part of the ceremony.  Sins symbolically cleansed,  the new mother is now ritually pure, in  a way which we can scarcely comprehend today,  so prejudiced can we be against people who lived before us.   Nevertheless,  this perfect mother is now accepted as ritually pure.

pidyon haben

This Son was her firstborn child.   When a firstborn is a male,  he belongs to God the Creator,  but in a charming little ceremony, the family can “ransom back”  or “buy back”  the little child from the Temple…

This ceremony of Pidyon Haben today:

pidyon haben today

…  and so keep their little son with them, to love and raise and cherish.

On this day, about 2,000 years ago, in the Temple,  this is what the Mother,  her spouse Joseph,  and the child Jesus did.

But then:

This Child was not just any child.    He is the Son of God, who has just taken on our human nature,  and He came here on a mission.  Not to teach us.  Not to set up a religion.   Not to tell us how we should live.

He came here to die.

And the perfect love of a perfect Mother?

Upon hearing of an unspeakably horrible destiny for her Child,  she was not spared.   She was told that her sorrow would be so strong, it would be like a sword had pierced right into her heart.

Is she willing,  willing to go on with it?

As always:  “Fiat mihi,  secundum verbum tuum.”


And so today,  Christendom celebrates Candlemas.   This child is “the Light that would come to enlighten the Gentiles”  too.   It’s why candles are blessed on this day, for the spreading of this Light in ceremonies throughout the coming year.     And we turn now from Christmas thoughts  to thoughts of Mission for which the Christmas Child came.  



February 2, 2015

While we were busy watching the Super Bowl  on Sunday,  our weatherman was busy steering 13 inches of snow into my little town.


Then,  as often happens the day after a blizzard,  the skies become clear and blue.  The bright sun cast beautiful dark contrasting shadows onto all the snow;   black tree trunks and branches  on a snow white palette.    Monochrome modern art.      I turned my cell phone on to get some photos, but by the time I remembered to take a picture,  the sun had moved away from my front yard.

But the sunshine delighted in my backyard too.   One patch and one branch.


That’s an untouched photo.    Did you know shadows can be so blue?

A few minutes later,  along the “shore” of my little pond,  the sun made a bright little chain as it got lower in the sky:


And now tonight,  the sun is gone,  but the snow is lit from within by my deck railing lights.

SAMSUNGAt just the right angle you can see a claw-like shadow on the floor of the deck.    The claw is a moon-shadow from a tree branch above.  A little eerie out there under bright moonlight.



February 2, 2015

Hard to go to bed after that game.

What a Super Bowl!    Those last two minutes —

football happy

Never mind the  “bad call”  (a pass instead of a run on the one-yard line?) . . .   Never mind the resulting interception by the surprised rookie  (who was rendered speechless for the next twenty minutes) . . .   Never mind the “false start”  giving the Patriots the much needed five more yards of room . . .   Or the punches thrown in a team-vs-team brawl,  giving the Patriots another fifteen yards of room to maneuver.

No.    The best lesson of the game was given to us by Jermaine Kearse who was catching that important  long pass but collided into a defender and fell to the ground but still needed to catch that pass —  and as he fell,  he grabbed at it!

And missed it.

And grabbed at it again!

And missed it again.

Still on the ground,  he grabbed at it again!

And got it!

When the play seems over and you’ve been knocked to the ground,  don’t write yourself off.

Go down trying.  Go down still reaching out.

St Francis Borgia and skull  St. Francis de Borgia,  that stern, ascetic saint who sits heavily on my shoulder,  leading me forward,    enjoyed a Spanish version of football, several centuries ago when he was a young man.   Though he gave up ball games as he matured,   he knew full well that lessons can be learned on the field:

 You’d better know what’s so important in life,  and you’d better know what’s worth all your effort.    And then when you do,  go down reaching out for it.