I threw away a book today.  It looked good, promising.  a historical saga interweaving a tale of the early settlers right off the Mayflower with a contemporary account of how the direct descendants of those first arrivals are doing now.    I tried hard to enjoy the historical details, but in the end the trashy mind of a 20th century author overcame the enjoyment.     Disappointing.

And so today, also,  it seems like we’re closing the book on this year’s football season.   I’m going to enjoy this last “super”  game,  but … Uh . . .

Bear down

You know.    The season was a little disappointing.

It’s a good day for football, though.    Big snowstorm to keep us in by the fireplace;  and some pretty good food:


Although I’m getting a little BBQ’d out —  ribs and wings.    More south-of-the-border type meat coming later too.     (That avocado didn’t quite make it to the guacamole.)

I won’t tell you who I’m rooting for.   It won’t be the QB who purportedly makes mindless PSA’s on behalf of the man they put into our Wh*   it e Ho  use.     There’s the other QB.     I think his coach has the right idea:

belichick yeah

He’s going to be interesting to watch.    (“Don’t tread on me” on the back of his t-shirt.)

But all this will be Yesterday’s News, tomorrow.    Days pass, pages turn,  some pages get tossed out in the trash, never to be remembered again.

Some things have a short life cycle, and then it ends.

Some things come to us in cycles, over and over,  like an ever-deepening spiral,  and although it’s time to close some books,   all over Christendom today a new one is opening,   a new part of the cycle that will last as long as this world lasts.

We close the season of Christmastide today and open the penitential season.     Lent-Lite today.    Septuagesima.

More on that soon — after the football season finally comes to an end.



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