A simple axiom: When the State decides what is Right and Wrong for us, then what we have is Tyranny.


Since the State is the sole arbiter of Right and Wrong, it can reverse itself a little later and state — and enforce — just the opposite without offering you an explanation.

Of course, public minds lag a little bit; people may balk because the new Right and Wrong is arbitrary, illogical, unsupported by facts, or contrary to what was previously said;  and so to avoid, if possible, the bloody mess of Martial Law, the State calls on help from its Fourth Estate.

“Help,” from the Fourth Estate, you see, because words can effect changes more subtly and swiftly than the sword. (In point of fact, if you look up “Fourth Estate” in Wikipedia, you will see an example of how the definition of Fourth Estate itself has been changed/modified/eased into a more malleable concept. Oh, I guess we’d say the definition has “progressed” but that very word  should arouse your suspicion:  What is the effect of changing the definition, slightly, of “Fourth Estate”?)

So that’s it, that’s the point of this short posting:

Again: When the State decides for you what is Right and Wrong, then you are living under tyranny.   It’s okay for a while — until you and the State disagree on something.    Something like freedom.

bar simnple graded gray lines

Oh — what does that have to do with my screen shot of a YouTube video documentary?


I watched this video called Judenhatet i Malmö because I was concerned about the topic in general,  hate crimes against the Jews.   It was about an hour long and entirely in Swedish, with very sketchy somewhat inaccurate subtitles in English, but I enjoyed hearing some of the cadences and sounds of the Swedish I’ve heard spoken in my childhood.   It was easy to follow the documentary.

One thing struck me, though, and that was how thoroughly indoctrinated people are to associate insults and threats to the Jews with “extreme right-wing fanaticism.”       Repeatedly, the interviewer reminded the people that there was no evidence of right-wing extremists in action in Sweden.   The actual cases of “Judenhatet” were all perpetrated by Muslims.    All cases; many Muslims proudly explaining their acts and words of violence against the Swedish Jews

And all Swedes repeated the Leftist line: “It is right-wing extremists doing it.”

Dangerous stuff, these lies.

bar simnple graded gray lines


. . . .and then I watched on televsion some of the information put out by the entertainment-news media from America today.

When the State decides for you what is Right and Wrong, then you are living under tyranny.


To paraphrase The Most Interesting Man In The World,   the  Dos Equis man:    “Stay free, my friend.    Stay free.”


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  1. Follow-up from “author” – I realize I’m combining Swedish and
    German here: Juden/Jude. Sorry. This issue is being spoken of in many languages….

  2. Jon Says:

    It seems that we are in a state where ‘right’ is wrong and ‘wrong’ is right these days. We’ve come to a point where not that many people are praying. One person might say a lot of prayers, but the masses are NOT! They have ‘drank the cool-aid’* and have left the building. (note:*misspelling on purpose.)

  3. Scary comment, Jon. “..the masses are not…” (praying) Remember Nineveh. Everyone took Jonah’s message seriously, from king on down to the poorest peasant. And THEN God heard…. Not enough praying today. Not so “cool.”

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