NOT MY 2015

I have a lot to learn from my grandson.

This was Cooper’s New Year’s Eve:

Cooper with 2015

He was on “California time”…three hours behind us.  Staying up past midnight had been easy for him for the past five days at Grandma’s house.   And then it was News Year’s Eve and we planned a big noisy funny happy party,  mostly for his enjoyment.

happy 2015

While we were getting everything ready,  Cooper picked up his iPad  (yes, his very own)  and got to work.  (Play is a child’s work,  you know.)    A little later we were all astonished to see him fast asleep, still holding his iPad!    What?  Way too early!  He knew something big and happy was coming.  He even explained to us that this is going to be a whole new year for good things to happen.    (We don’t know where he got that idea;  we think one of his teachers must have told him that.)


He was sure of it.  He was sure his Mommy and Daddy were happy that night. He was sure he was loved and respected and listened to.   He was sure and confident.

Why not sleep?

It was supposed to be just a cute family photo of him sleeping there;  but it sticks in my memory — as an admonishment.    So far my 2015 has given me more trials and challenges than I could handle, and I’m not confident about the future.

The two things “out there” that mean the most to me,  my Church and my country,  have both been taken over by foreign elements who are proceeding to raze-and-revolutionize”  us into their own image,  to align with the needs of world governance.

one world church and state

Interestingly,   both Church and country are being “transformed”  by the same agenda.  When I read the news,  I can think either Church or State, because the same thing is going on within both, and  with the opposition of its members,  but it’s happening anyway, because self-defense has been carefully bred out of us.

No Global Warming

No Global Warming

(A joint encyclical about the spurious climate change?  Good grief!)    Soon one-world state interests will be perfectly aligned with one-world religious interests.   It won’t be pretty.   (See Revelation chapters 8 – 13.)

Knowing all this,  knowing what’s coming,   it’s ironic that I ended that last fireplace” posting with Psalm 4:8:   I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep,  for you only, O Lord,  make me to dwell in safety.

Time to actually practice my faith, I guess.    Rest in peace, in God.    Maybe I could have Cooper’s kind of 2015.

I could learn a lot from my grandson.

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