I’m glad to see the pictures I posted last time are at last being shown in our entertainment-news media services today.   So let’s look at some other photos:

Let’s look at  ” the children”   and remember the words that our Rulers don’t want us to say:

The words I used in the last post apply:  they are Christian children;  non-combatants;  quiet families.    Here, in front, is a little Christian child.    I’ve seen that worried look on my little grandson.  He looks like that when he has “big troubles”  and no one can help him.    This little child has been taken from his family because they are all Christians.

Children?   More children-photos?   Here’s another little child.

Not a Christian child;  he and his friends will submit to a different god.    He’s a word our Rulers “can’t say.”

Let’s go back to more Christian children:

Jihad children hands up

They are Christians because they love Christ and they are taught to not kill or do harm;   to love and to live in peace with others;  to forgive others….

A few months ago this little group  was arrested and marched away from their homes.     Later they were asked to renounce Christ.  They said “No! We love Jesus!”

And were beheaded shortly after this photo.

There is a flood of photos of beheaded children coming out of the Middle East, children cut in half,  children … killed in many different ways, often first used for a while by those who like young female flesh . . . .   The tearful, heart-wrenching eyewitness testimony is crying out for a response.

No response from the one who can’t say “Christian”  or “Islam.”

O raghead   70-30       He has said nothing at all about this incident.   It just …  you know …  just happened.      Just happened without us.

But if you’d like to keep score today,  it’s Rounds of Golf:    #218.     Executed children:   # x,xxx     (in the thousands)


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One Comment on ““HE CAN’T SAY THE WORDS” – 2”

  1. eswinden Says:

    Kris – I can’t seem to email to your cablespeed address. Stuff keeps coming back so this is the only way I could think of to communicate, apart from phoning.I don’t know how to fix things. Maybe it will just right itself – I do hope so. Liz x

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