How is my (Christmas present)  jigsaw puzzle  coming?


Just fine, thank you.    But   s  l  o  w  l   y!   I think there are too many pieces  for the holes that are left.   Or something.

I won’t quit because this is MY street, a photo of my street made into a puzzle by the New York Times.    It’s a difficult puzzle in that many of the pieces are identical to each other, many nearly identical.   At this point I have to deconstruct some of the areas and use those pieces elsewhere.

It’s all right.  It gives me time to try to pull my thoughts together too.   Time to “deconstruct”  some of the things that aren’t quite accurate and put firmly into place those pieces that do fit — and are part of a larger, truer picture.

(I highly recommend jigsaw puzzles for everyone!)

Time for housekeeping.   Time for the Truth.   (Time for Lent, as a matter of fact.)

We live in a far more dangerous world than we like to think.  That’s that “Bias to Normal”  that I referred to at the end of the last post.   It is indeed a coping technique,  but if we fail to see what is not “normal,”  and do nothing, we will have less and less of “normal”  and will some day have to deal with the actual dangers which have been growing around us.

bear seeing you

Bear have been a longstanding metaphor here in The Spruce Tunnel.      Bear see you before you see them.   They hunt.  They stalk.  They sneak up on you — and attack before your defenses are up.    Just ask me and my family one day in the woods in the Far Far North.

 Close up,  they snarl,  they stink,   they slobber gooey stuff on you,  and I’m beginning to re-live this experience through “current events.”

So,  as I’m putting together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the street where I live,  I’m also carefully facing the truth about the menace that makes up the “storm”  that swirled about me this weekend,  that knocked me off my feet for a while,  that stalks us like a Bear,  closer and closer.

I’m going to be more plain-speaking for a while as I put all the pieces together.

(I might thank my daughter for this present later.)


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