We know the words (he) can’t say are “Christian”  to describe the victims in today’s news;  and the word “Islam”  to describe the attackers.

Let’s at least look at these two words in the context of history:


This is a screenshot from a history lecture.    Each of the red dots is a major battle won by the Mohammedans  against the people living in territories of the Classical Western civilization.    It was one of several of their  great military expansion periods.

The map of conquest goes eastward too.

We lost vast amounts of classical art, classical works of literature and science.    Immense library centers in India, Persia, and Egypt were destroyed.     Again, many, many precious works of Greek and Latin learning were gone forever.  This set back the general knowledge of the world to a degree which we cannot really calculate.

A century or two later, in the 8th and 9th centuries,  they, the conquerors, looked at a few of the remaining works of classical antiquity.  They copied and preserved the remaining few,  but they couldn’t really translate them accurately;  they didn’t have enough to go on and Greek concepts are not readily translated into Arabic vocabulary.   The mistakes and misdirections were transported into Medieval Europe, and Europe had to wait for the genius of Aquinas to sort things out and begin to make permanent progress in logic and philosophy.   That progress in logic and philosophy produced the kind of science we have today.

Meanwhile, Europe itself was threatened again and again with waves of military expansion from Islamic armies.      Christians and Jews were not allowed to visit the most holy sites in their own history.   Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist sites were being desecrated and destroyed.   A response was needed:

SAMSUNGRemember all those red dots?    Well, the little red crosses are the sum total of the Christian battles during the Crusades.    Not very successful.

What did the Christians lose?


Right away – swiftly –  in that first deadly period of expansion, much of Christian territory was lost.

You know about the New Testament.  Christianity spread throughout the known world by means of evangelization – word of mouth.  THEY HAD NO ARMIES.   But within the first  decades of the existence of Islam,  Christians had been killed or enslaved and forcibly converted in Persia,  Iraq, Syria, Lebanon,  Egypt,  Carthage ….   all over North Africa.  These are regions which gave us some of our greatest saints and church leaders.

A few decades more,  much more Christian territory was lost.     (see the first map above)

There.   I said those two words.   I know the words  “Christian”  and   “Islam.”     I’m not a “dummy”  and I’ll never be a “dhimmi.”

It’s not so hard to sort it out if you know the historical record.


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