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He (they) can say the word “Christian” now, if it’s associated with extremism.    But he (they)  still can’t say the other word when it comes to a movement that is expanding with beheadings,  slashings,  explosives, and vicious military, legal, and monetary warfare.    He (they) can’t say that word.

We**   are beginning to discover why.

Torjan Horse in city
A long time ago a battle was fought successfully with a Trojan Horse.    This technique successfully brought down a long-standing enemy.

The Trojan Horse is a SUCCESSFUL  technique of war.

Our children were commonly educated with the story of the Trojan Horse;  it’s how young men in the Western world learned their Greek and learned their history and learned deeds of heroism for the good of their own people.

The Trojan Horse used to be part of our Common Cultural Literacy.

Knowledge of the Trojan Horse has been removed from at least two generations of American children – perhaps given to them only in a paragraph or two, summarized to the point of irrelevance.   “What could some old Trojan Horse story have to do with me?”  

“Oh, nothing much;  it just helped some ancient Greeks win a battle.”

As long as we think it’s irrelevant to us today,  we dummies (dhimmis) won’t recognize it when it’s used against us:

Anywhere from one to two dozen top ranking powerful officials in government in this country  are Sunni Muslims and/or associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.   That’s easy to look up.  Just start with the FBI director, for instance.

(All religions are equal, right?  Moral equivalence, and all that?)

Well, one of the most powerful,   constant ear,   aide,  and adviser to the one who was given the office of our presidency  might not be Sunni.   She’s born and raised in Iran;  so does that make her a Shi’ite?       (The enemy of my enemy is my……)

That’s all right.   Stuffed into the Trojan Horse, she is almost invisible to the American people who are beginning to look more and more like dummies (dhimmis)  for not knowing or caring.

The half-brother of the person they put into our  wh/ it /e  h/ous/e is the leading financier and financial-fundraiser of the Muslim Brotherhood.***

Recently there was a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood*** – behind closed doors.    And officially denied for as long as possible.    Then it was admitted.    No more questions, thank you.

All stuffed into the Trojan Horse.

Trojan HOrse window

Know what happened recently at a Texas rodeo?   Know what’s happening soon in Oklahoma?   Know what happened at the so-called National (Christian) Shrine,  the largest cathedral in America?     Know what happened to girls in a school in Sacramento recently?

Know how powerful a Trojan Horse is?

Know why it’s not an old boring dusty literature assignment?

Because it is still a successful war tactic!

The Trojan Horse is a SUCCESSFUL  technique of war.


**    “We”  are the military commanders who see close, up front;  “we”  are the political leaders on both sides of the aisle who are becoming alarmed;  “we” are the political analysts;  “we”  are the foreign leaders who are speaking out, finally, against the policies of American destruction coming from WITHIN American government.

And “we” are the people who are hearing the warnings of the military commanders, politicians, policy analysts, and foreign leaders.

***  (A reminder:     This group  was once declared   a terrorist organization.  Oh, the horror when we realized Americans had put these people in power in country after country during the “Arab Spring.”   Nice phrase, huh?   But it wasn’t nice and we did it and the Muslim Brotherhood gained immense power in the world.)

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