clipper ship
Heh, heh –  just a little ship talk there.

No,   The Spruce Tunnel is not going to make a full 180 degree turn here on subject matter.   Not an about face, exactly.    But  I’m a teacher,  not a watchman;   “raising the alarm”  is not my natural mandate.

It used to be hard to find articles on the Internet about the things I was  becoming concerned about.   Now it’s not.    Not hard at all.  For as long as we still have the Internet,  we can all read The Writing On The Wall for ourselves.

cliper wheel

Now when I get steamed up about something, I know there are plenty of other people out there who are explaining the issue very well.   And each of us have a unique point of view, a one-of-a-kind take on things that needs to be added to the public discussion.   I hope you will talk;  write;  blog;  text; inform;   question and demand answers from your (informed) point of view,  because:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

“When Good ceases to confront Evil,  it ceases to be “Good.”

So, my “unique”  take on things in the last post was to bring up the idea of The Trojan Horse:    The same method  used by the Modernists to take down the Church and substitute a radically different purpose was also used in this country  by the extreme Leftists, the Progressives, and by association,  the Radicalized Muslims who are on the move again this century,  to take down America.

“Just put your people in positions of power (into The Trojan Horse), and you eliminate your opposition.”    Again, I’m not doing a complete 180 here with that helm,  there are others who can expound on the dangers we’re in,  but I can do a little humorous commentary.

Humorous Question:     Why do the Extreme Leftists looks so smug when they feel they have the power, now, to “Transform”   their institutions?

Grin on Pope



One from the continent of South America,  one from the continent of Africa.

Now, the Church has survived miseducated, misguided popes before,   it takes prayer,   personal piety, and the help of God;  but the average life of a republic has been, historically speaking,  only about 200 years.    It’s going to take a lot of work to keep our own Republic going true.

Clipper true

Stay true to our  Founding.    Hold on to the Origins.

And those smug grins will turn on you if you hold on to what the Church – or our nation –  really stands for.

“…a lot of work…”


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