Bear snarl

Bad things have happened since  The Government “fixed” our healthcare. We now have a broken mess with more expense and less health care treatment with fewer doctors and fewer people who are eligible to receive care.

Now,   within 24 hours The Government will vote to take over the Internet.

In the interest of Government-defined   Transparency, we were shown the Secret Book – 322 pages long – and told “In here we will fix the Internet and make it “Affordable” for you.”

 Big  332 page book

But, no, you can’t see what’s in there. Not even the people in Congress whom you voted for.   They’re Out.

It’s no secret that in this country if you say “Democrat” you mean Central Planning – we are controlled and regulated Top Down. Put another way, Big Brother should watch over us and make sure we stay in line. big govt

But for this particular matter there is even one Democrat, Senator Clyburn, who thinks the Secret Book might go too far. (Or at least too far too fast). He’s on the FCC, the muscular Government arm who is doing this to us.   And he’s saying, Well, wait a minute….

At first that was a morsel of encouragement, but these excerpts from an article filed on The Hill should tell you to think again:

Clyburn’s changes would leave in place the central and most controversial component … that broadband Internet service should be reclassified so that it can be treated as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act, similar to utilities like phone lines.”


Other FCC officials have previously said that the broader act of reclassifying broadband Internet service would, in and of itself, give the commission enough power to oversee interconnection deals. That opinion has been backed up by lawyers at Google, among others, who made the argument to FCC officials last week.”    (A big hurray from Google)

Another news article discussed the coming Government-approved television programming and Government-approved pricing.

The bottom line of that article is: “The FCC declined to comment.”

If you don’t get excited about this, then check and see if you went to the new and improved Government school system. It’s “for the children.” Those children who now rank LAST in educational achievement among developed countries.


Short term gains: non-citizens without documents get to have free health care services in our country.

Short term gains: evil corporations might not be able to charge high fees to cable companies – and to Google- at least for a little while.


The two wolves are voting with the lamb to decide what to have for dinner.

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