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Would you rather get attacked by criminals online;   or by criminals who come to your home, beat on your door,  pretend to be acting on behalf of the government or a business, and demand your money?

A.  Attacked online.

B.  Attacked in the physical world.
It’s an interesting question.

Just listened to an overnight interview with Marc Goodman (Future Crimes)  former LAPD  and  now focusing on cyber crime, hacking, and identity theft.

Also just came from my dentist – long appointment but he’s so good and we had time to talk.     Upon asking me what I had been up to lately and hearing about my own ongoing identity theft,  he told me that his little business had also been the victim of identity theft and also through means of false income tax filings.

Cyber crime is  deeply a  part of our society,  it’s everywhere and in every single system, and  I see now that what we hear reported on the news is just a small portion of all the cybe rcrime that is going on.

The economic system of banking, bill paying,  buying and selling,  online medical reporting,  tax paying is all compromised, and it’s accelerating.

Cyber crime.  We fight bloodlessly (usually) from our chairs.  Months pass as we fill out countless forms and notifications, so  we are robbed of time as well as our money.

But at least there are no bullets waiting for us,  no knives, no bludgeons,  no cords ready to tie us up.

Thieves are thieves, and they all steal our time, money,  property, and sense of security.   But with cyber crime, in most cases our bodies are untouched.  (Cyberstalking and loss of privacy are two other issues.)

That’s a good thing.

But the bad thing is so are the criminals safer — most often uncaught and easily moving and expanding their criminal enterprise to other cyberplaces.

(Okay.  Read Marc Goodman’s book Future Crime, if you want to know more.)

My opinion and my prediction is this:   the cybercriminals will so greatly bring down this system that we’re used to,  that we will try to return to the economic system of interchange that our grandparents knew — that is, offline, person to person.    And we won’t do well.     As a whole, we don’t know as much as our grandparents (or great-grandparents)   did.      In general, we cannot add or subtract anymore or make readable penmanship or communicate clearly in our own native language,  but we will try;  we’ll try  to be less “cyber”  and more physically real.

And then the old-fashioned thieves will come to our physical doors.    Thieves.  Thugs.   Brigands.   Bandits.

And why is that?

It isn’t the loss of safety.  It isn’t the loss of education.

It is the loss of classical and traditional morality which had always kept us safe.    And that’s, as they say,  a whole ‘nother thing.

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