. . . IN HIS HANDS . .  .

Music Notes        HE’S GOT THE  W   H   O   L   E   WORLD    IN HIS HANDS . . .

HE’S GOT . . . .


King George III

Well, King George III didn’t.   He couldn’t control Paul Revere and Revere’s communication.   (“One if by land, two if by sea!!”)   King George couldn’t control the messages of Thomas Paine et al.      King George III didn’t have the “whole world”  in his hands.    American colonists defeated him – and we won our freedom – back then.

Why do I talk about “the whole world” ?

Internet O  I got itBecause this Buraq Huss * ein person is only the facilitator of powerful UN control.  One again our internal, so/* ver/ eign laws  (and this time our Internet regulations)   must be aligned with  UN  desires,  with the “whole world.”

The big global structure in the background of that picture is allowing him to hold a smaller world.

Ahh,  if only King George III could have had the power of unelected commissions like the FCC (and so many others)  to exert his power through!  Then no one but the king would have a voice.

But then England had the Magna Carta to keep the king in check.

We are apparently constitutionless.

(Perhaps this is a little hyperbole;  my favorite form of humor, after all.)

But much of the “Transformation”  of America is being done  extra-constitutionally.       The One who is supposed to defend the Constitution now rules unilaterally,  by dictat.     By fiat.    Quickest way to take down a republic.     (That would be us.)

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