(It’s a trick.   The title of this post is a trick.)

It’s true I enjoyed hearing an important world leader speak today, with maturity and intelligence.      One doesn’t have to agree with everything he said to be able to recognize masculine clarity in his manner of speaking.  I think what he said is what he means.  Trustworthy.   A non-Marxist manner of speaking.

But he is a prime minister with stature.

Here is a “president” with stature:

Sequoia The President people in

Yes, this gigantic tree has a name:  The President. 

The tree was so named to imitate the great stature and respect evoked by a president,  presumably any great president of this former republic.

The President grows in Sequoia National Forest,  not too far from my grandson.   Maybe I’ll visit it some day in person.   The President has just become larger than another great Sequoia,  the Grant.      As in Ulysses S.  of the Republic of the United States of America.

In winter:

Sequoia all

Notice the tiny little man at the foot of The President?   That is an amazingly magnificent and powerful tree!

Gray on top:

Giant Sequoias
These venerable trees with their crowns in the gray mist remind us that age and maturity are to be venerated.   (Although not in a marxist-saturated culture,  but that’s another lesson.)   

It is to our sorrow that this magnificent tree was called The President because of its great stature, like a president of America used to have.   Perhaps a little sardonic humor is in order:    I wonder if we could reverse this naming.     I wonder if we could name that Buraq Hussein person who sits at the desk of our presidency  “Sequoia Tree”  —   would that have any effect?     Giant Tree?   Tree?

On a serious note,   parents have always named their children for some great person or quality which they hope will help the child along its way to maturity.    The inspiration of a famous person, perhaps.   The Israelites named their children for the Most High God or for His work.    Catholic parents name their children for a virtue or for a saint which may help to guide the child.

“The President.”    Indeed.

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  1. 🌲 Maybe we should call this tree “President” for the time being!

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