Well,  the title is confusing, I know.    And there are bigger things in the world to worry about – maybe.    This should be another fun  “What’s It?”  but  the modern version of “science”   (unScience)  is kind of messing with us.

Here’s the photo,  you’re probably familiar with it —

What's It Siberian-craters striationsYou’ve seen these, right?  They’re appearing in Siberia  and becoming so common now that the scientists are becoming alarmed.

See the striations along the inside of the column?  When I first started to look at these closely,  I thought some large round boulder must have blown its way into the earth . . .   no,  that didn’t make sense.    (Straight downwards?)    I thought some giant metallic missile, maybe,   had blown its way up from deep under the surface, scratching those striations into the sides of the blast hole.

….Or….   something caused those striations,  something with hard edges,  hard, slightly irregular edges to cut those grooves into the side.     I’m focusing on those striations;   and all of these unexplained new craters have similar striations.

Now, it’s pretty well known that modern science has cut itself off from the principles of logic (philosophy)  that had created the methods of legitimate science which produced so many discoveries and advanced our knowledge of the natural world.     It can be seen that the results of cutting science off from objective logic has been a psuedo-science, an unScience,   driven by political ideology.    If you don’t have classic principles of cause-and-effect or of non-contradiction, etc.,  then anything goes.     Toss out the philosophical principles of Christendom,  and you can have anything that you want, any conclusion you want.    (check out Charles L. Dodson, mathematician, and his book Through the Looking Glass.)

It’s true in  the biological sciences,  it’s true in medical science, it’s true in let’s call it meteorological science,  and here again,  it’s true when we look at only part of the evidence because the prevailing agenda says it  “must”  agree with some certain “cause.”

And that “cause,” of course,  is the political fiction of “global warming.”   You see, because the planet “is”  warming,  then that must be affecting methane deposits under the earth’s crust.   And then those pockets of methane must be exploding.     And so these craters must be the result of methane explosions.

Case closed?

So I can’t call this a What’s It because “science” has put forth its idea.       Now, something may have “exploded” out of there,  but I can’t imagine all those “explosions”  looking identical,  identical verticality,  identical shapes,  and all having similar striations etched into the edges.   (Does methane gas have hard sides?)

I don’t really need an answer that has to match the “global warming”  ideology.

I’d be okay with the modern unScientists saying they don’t know what this is yet.   Then I could use it as a What’s It.


(The author of Through the Looking Glass is better known as Lewis Carroll.)

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