(We are all one family,  human;  and our Creator is alive.)

Those of you who know what these flowers signify,   will understand when I say that these words I will write are words of amazement,  of confirmation,  and of life-changing gratitude which I must express publicly.

It was 10:00 this morning when my doorbell rang.   I was “not quite ready for prime time,”   but when the doorbell rang a second time,  I moved to the front door without really planning to do so.

There was my next-door neighbor,  beaming with joy,  holding a bouquet of yellow roses.   My neighbor is a man a little bit older than I am,  he is married,  and he is a Jew, and I am not.

He couldn’t wait to thrust these flowers towards me, saying, “These are for you!  It is such a lovely Spring day!”

I had never seen him so happy,  happy from the inside out, and pouring forth good will and joy….

therese face  I knew in an instant the Source of these yellow roses – for they could be only yellow roses, and a good thing it was that I was in such shock or I would have collapsed there on the spot, and perhaps alarmed him, for he himself could not know what he was doing.

He just couldn’t have known.

yellow rose and hand

He is a Jewish man, a business man whose business takes him frequently to Manhattan, the center of commerce, and back here to “fly-over country,”  where he teaches business things at our local Big Ten university.   But he is a Jewish man first.   And though he doesn’t speak of it often, he walks with the knowledge that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob watches over him and walks with him.

As I do.

Both St. Paul and Moses wrote of the Great Mystery which will some day not divide us.   St. Paul said:   “… and so all Israel should be saved,  as it is written:  There shall come out of Sion He that shall deliver and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.  This is to them My covenant, that I shall take away their sins . . . they are most dear for the sake of the fathers.”

Previously,  the Prophet Zachariah had told the Jews that one day “all Israel shall recognize Him whom they had Pierced,” long before they actually did that piercing in Sion.

The Jews held the knowledge of mankind’s Salvation, and Salvation is for them too.  There is no division within “the One who came out of Sion.”

And now,  the confirmation(s):     That the God of Jacob lives still.   That the One who came out of Sion was really, actually sent to this world.    That all the saints are in spiritual communion with God and with each other.  That even death does not break the communion and mutual love and aid we desire for each other.

(One young small soul in communion with us)

therese let fall

Confirmation,  that one tiny little soul,  taken from this world “too young,” promised to spend her time in Heaven doing good on Earth,  showering down blessings like flowers on all who call upon her for help, to bring souls to God.     Her trademark is yellow;  yellow roses.

It should not have happened that a Jewish man should have come to my door this morning, “out of the clear blue sky,”  and given me a bouquet of Yellow Roses.    It need not have happened that God answered my prayers.

I cannot even express my gratitude to God with plain words.

So . . .   (sorry for the ad)  …   take time to listen:

I know.  The song is too big.   It’s just me.   Just a small little life, currently overwhelmed with difficulties and uncertainties,  just enough little faith  to plea for help; and an impossibly personal and definite confirmation from above.

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