pink  happy roses
Took  me a couple days,  but I have no doubt now that the Yellow Roses   (see last post)   were a definite and singular Sign that I’d received Divine Help with certain of my difficulties.  That doesn’t make me “happy”;   that makes me scared.  Humbled.  Very small.  Responsible now.

happy face

But I was a little bit happy.

And what an interesting detail that the weekend that I received the Yellow Roses came on the weekend of Laetare Sunday.  Long before I came into this world,   the Fourth Sunday in Lent, this past Sunday,   was designated as a day of joy.   Now it might seem odd that “joy” comes smack in the middle of the Lenten season,  but the Church, in her wisdom,  has a reason for that.

priest in pink

Yeah.    It’s pink.    The priest is in pink on Laetare Sunday.     Pink is a happy color.

If you are having a “good Lent,”   meaning you are having a rigorous Lent and are accomplishing much for your soul and are learning much,   then you would probably be feeling a little fatigue by now;  a little Lenten fatigue from all the , fasting,  abstinence, prayers, penance and mortifications….

And so here, this Sunday,  is a pause.   Pause, now, to think of why you’re having Lent.   Why you’re doing what you’re doing during Lent.   Think of the joy at the end, the joy of Easter, and most importantly,  the joy at the end of your life, if  — (IF ! ) —  about a nanosecond after you die, you hear those words:  “Well done,  thou good and faithful servant.”

Oh, no,  our words can’t describe the joy we will have and have forever —  but at least we can pause now,  and in this life feel the joy that is to come.

Hard work is always worth it.   Hard spiritual work is always rewarded.

And all over the world —

laetare front

—    you get to rejoice, if you’re within Christendom.

Deo gratias.   


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