Flag Israeli waving

It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t comment on the outcome of the last post,  that is,  the outcome of the election in Israel.

It appears the Likud party has won.   Netanyahu retains his office and will very soon form a coalition government,  a little different but perhaps not too different from the previous years.     As an American with a different political system,  I scarcely understand how this works,  but it seems sensible.

The only hint of a possible change in governance is the reluctance of the main opposition party to concede the election, and the frequent use of the word “bitter” to describe the losing party.    That doesn’t bode well in politics —  unless the new government is stable enough to handle the tactics of the opposition, which it usually is.

Still, one must watch resentment lest “opposition”  becomes “enmity.”

It appears the “leadership”  of the American government is also “extremely disappointed”  — another phrase that doesn’t bode well in politics, but the reports  stop short of “bitter.”      Unfortunately, said American opposition to Israel has its fingers on some powerful tactics that can be extremely disruptive to stability in the Middle East.

Case in point:    Iran backs Hezbollah  with its money, weapons, and training.    Saner people have Iran and Hezbollah on their ter/ r* or ist list —   but the Buraq Hussein people have now removed Iran and Hezbollah from their own list of ter/r * or ists.     Why?    By the wave of a magic “pen” they are suddenly not a danger to the world?    Is this one tactic these people can loose on Israel?      Or is it just a pitiful penny they have offered to Iran so Iran will agree with the currently-attempted “peace treaty”?       A strong, independent Israel is certainly a distraction to the “treaty” process.

I’m not a political analyst,  in case you wondered.

Just one ignorant woman asking silly questions.

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