It’s hard to stay comfortable in this world and enjoy tea and shortbread, as in yesterday’s post.    But I think we need to be informed.

From American  entertainment-news media today:  At first I thought a former vice president should not have (1)  consented to an interview with Playboy magazine, and (2)  should not have been so blunt in his criticism of the man that occupies our wh*  it  /e  h** ous /e —     But after hearing and reading world news tonight,   I think the former vice president was way too restrained.

From Reuters news service  comes a  report of 85 Christians killed by Muslims and 27 more injured in an attack “over the right to use water.”    I’m sure it would be easier for them if they wiped the Christians off the (Nigerian)  map.   We hear of these attacks over and over again,  and there is more involved than merely a “clash between  semi-nomadic tribes”   over water rights.

Every week.  Raids on Christian villages.   Kidnappings and rape and disappearances of Christian girls.      Mass killings.

Now the Nigerian leaders, both political and religious, are asking the United States of America for help.   They are begging for our help.   Islam is not just a “political party”  that is winning elections and may soon rule Nigeria.    That’s a First World concept.     Islam in Nigeria is murdering thousands of Christians  (and animists) — and they need outside help against murderous and well-armed attacks.

Well,  they don’t stand a chance for our help.   The Buraq-Hussein kind of people have sent David Axelrod (American) into Nigeria to meddle in Nigerian elections to help elect a Boko Haram supporter for their president.   ( This is the group that is developing a policy of using little girls as human suicide  weapons.    According to Frontpage not too long ago:   A girl thought to be as young as seven-years-old on Sunday killed herself and five others in a suicide bo* mb in  g in northeast Nigeria as President Goodluck Jonathan conceded his government had underrated the capacity of the Islamist extremist group Boko Haram.)

(And didn’t we just have this meddling in Israeli politics?)

Worse.   The official policy of the Buraq-Hussein people is that Nigeria will get NO AID from the United States of America until and unless Nigeria REWRITES ITS OWN CONSTITUTION ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF those who have control of America’s government purse — and the new constitution must violate Nigeria’s moral principles and weaken and fracture Nigeria’s family structure.

Again.  We’ve done this before.    Not “we”!!!   Decent Americans don’t think they have a right to dictate  to other countries and rewrite their laws.
Americans don’t.   But those who have control of our government do.

It is despicable.

People need our help.   And our “leaders” are acting like bullies.

They congratulate themselves with hashtag poster campaigns — but 300 Christian girls are still missing  –  and our policies still favor the radical-islamists.

Let us remember the Mercedarians,   among whose famous members are St.  Peter Nolasco and  St.  Raymond Nonnatus,   who organized a group of young men who pledged to raise money to ransom Christians who were kidnapped by Muslims – and failing the release of a Christian,  pledged to put themselves in the place of the Christian,  allowing him to go home,  and agreeing to stay in captivity,  in his place.  

Their actions didn’t stop the advance of murder and kidnapping across the Mediterranean region,   but it did give Christian comfort and aid to many tens of thousands.      

The need over there is still very great.    Is there a different kind of “Christian”  today?


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