Today is a rather big day in Christendom:  It’s the feast day of St. Joseph, the man given the responsibility to be the guardian, the protector,  the provider, and the head of the Holy Family.


Could we not look for a moment at the man chosen for this role and wonder about his qualities?

The man who protected the Madonna during her young motherhood —

who protected the madonna during her young motherhood

Often shown with lilies,  a symbol of purity.    It is a great thing to be associated with purity.   Hard to remember nowadays what that even means, and yet there has been only one Holy Child.   Pure.     Purity recognizes Purity.

pure enough

Purity in love,  St.  Joseph,  a man who could truly cherish the Christ Child:

who cherished his

Ever present in his family’s life:

who protected

The original  “home schooling”  —  all members of the family present for each other,  in harmony, at work and play:

home schooled parents present

St. Joseph, the man entrusted with the raising of the Child Jesus —

who taught Him a trade

St. Joseph, watching over the prayer life and education —

who taught Him how to pray

We can  speculate, to our benefit,  about the qualities of this holy man.  We can meditate on his life for our sure example.   We can invoke his example and his intercession as Patron of Family Life and Households.

We do not know when Joseph died,  but we do surmise , in faith, and with logic,  that at the time of his death he had the Blessed Virgin Mary truly at one side and the Son of God at his other side.   Again, in faith,  we believe this is a companionship in death that is attainable by all humans.   Not a certainty,  but attainable,  depending upon how one has lived his life — and with Whom.

It is a big day in Christendom.    It’s like a Treasure of knowledge that is waiting to be picked up and possessed.

crossThe artwork above is artwork,  not photographs, not history.   It is meant only to convey what is truthful, in beautiful images that speak to mankind.



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One Comment on “JOSEPH, WHO IS WORTHY”

  1. Jon Says:

    Another thing. According to Mary of Agreda, St. Joseph was the first in line on Ascension Day, followed by all of the Patriarchs. How cool is that?

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