This is general information for the people in all my classes.  I don’t quite yet have our class blog up and running, so here is a public place to get a message across.

llama verb

First, let’s get this matter out of the way.  Do you know your parts of  speech?  Do you know the parts of speech of the English language (since I’m writing in English)?     Do you know how to define a “verb”?

How about “tense”?    Past tense, present tense,  future tense?     Good.

So today is  “3-25-15″  as I said  in the title of this post.   Yesterday that date was in the future.   Today it’s  in the present.   Tomorrow it will
be in the past.     Today,  March 25,  Christendom remembers something in the past.


It remembers that a young Jewish maiden,  a virgin,  was asked to cooperate with the Most High God in the salvation of all mankind.    “This is what
needs to happen,   this is what will happen to you;  are you willing?”

“Fiat.”    “Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.”

And so it began with this Annunciation which we celebrate on March 25th,  nine months, of course, before December 25th.
Now,  this same event is recorded in Jewish Scriptures.   The very same event!       A prophecy from the very same God Who confronted Mary,  who was that young Virgin prophesied  centuries past.

ahab in field

The Jewish Scriptures record the prophecy thusly:   “Therefore the LORD himself shall give you a sign. Behold a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel.”   (Isaiah 7:14)

“The LORD”  is the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob;  the same LORD that the prophet Isaiah in the picture above who had a message for King Ahab;  the same LORD whose message was given to Mary;  the same LORD Christendom worships today.

Same event;  same God.   That’s why knowing your parts of speech is important    — so you don’t make a mistake this Spring.

Verb chart

More than 2500 years ago,  King Ahab was the king over the Israelites,  who had received the prophecy.     These same Israelites also celebrated Passover, which in a veiled way instructed them about how their salvation would be effected (through the sacrifice of a Lamb some day).

When the Virgin was born, she was told her Son would be this Lamb of God.    And it happened.   And that’s why Christians celebrate the Feast Day commonly called Easter, and they don’t celebrate the Passover –  because the Passover celebration looks for the events in the future but Easter looks back to the events of the past.

My dear classes,   so what?   

Several decades after the Virgin gave birth,  after the Passion and Death of the Son of God,  the Resurrection and Ascension,  approximately a hundred years later,    a new religion  developed among some Jews  (the Israelites).    It had to be a new religion because their Temple had been destroyed and there was no longer any place for them to make the required sacrifices.

One of the celebrations of this new religion involved what they called a Seder meal.

Now, if you have a new religion that departs from the original one that was commanded by God,  do you also have a new concept of God?    Are you worshiping the same God anymore?

Participating in a Seder meal is for the people of the new Judaism.       Participating says you too are looking for the coming of the Lamb of God — in the future!    

Agnus Dei

If you are looking for the Future Lamb of God,  you are basically denying the Lamb of God who has come.

And now you  have a good reason for a polite “no”  when you are invited to a Seder– even if a benighted priest or pastor should ask you!  Let us celebrate this March 25th instead!     Knowing what this Feast means will keep you out of trouble!

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