Dramatic kind of title.  But I mean it.   

Today is the kind of day when you just can’t help breathing a sigh of relief:

moneybagToday. . .   I carried my tax money to the Post Office.

Well,  not quite like that,  but my taxes are paid.

It’s a bitter-sweet accomplishment.   Mostly bitter,  because I know what  my tax money is used for.

My money is used to pay able-bodied men to NOT work.  It’s used to pay  foreign  citizens’ education and medical expenses and food and living quarters and special interpreters because they refuse to learn English….     My money is used to support false but politically correct “science.”   It’s used to tear apart little human babies — while they’re still alive but haven’t been born yet.   It’s used to pay the media to make the wicked powerful look good in our eyes. 

It’s used to indoctrinate our children,  American children,  into a false religion undesired by their parents:

Blonds made to bowSee the little blond-haired American kids?   This is from the school curriculum commanded by our government schools.  Common Core.   This was in Florida but it’s happening in every state.     Courtesy of MY tax dollars.

So how do I feel about this?      Doesn’t matter.     Better question:  why do I pay these taxes?

Because the Lord Jesus explained it to us.    First He said, “Do it.”   (That is,  pay your taxes.)      And to make the point clear,  He performed a minor little miracle,  kind of cute, really;  probably with a patient smile on His face.   He told a disciple to find a coin in an unusual place!!!

One like this:

caesarHe said there are things you are obliged to do for God, and there are things you are obliged to give to the Caesars in your life.   “Go ahead and pay your taxes.”   

But didn’t He know what the Caesars were doing with some of the money?     Political corruption?   Sexual immorality?    Cronyism?   Bribery?    Inefficient bureaucracies of Rome?     And this:

whose dollars pd for the fuel to burnPersecution of Christians!     Those fires are individual Christians burning.    Today Islam does it.   In Rome the pagans did it.     There are also a kind of contemporary record of the persecution of Christians:

whose txes pd for the lionsI would ask you:   “Whose taxes paid for the lions?”




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