Two days past Easter and, oh, how long ago it seems!   It could fade quickly from our memories.

This is my favorite picture for this time of the year:

emmaus Last week was “Holy Week”  and this week is “Easter Week”  and today is Easter Tuesday.   Tuesday in Easter Week.   The Church, in her wisdom, knowing human beings,  has appointed this time of the year to reflect on the implications of the Resurrection of Christ,  because there are so many,  and it would be easy to just let Easter . . .   fade quickly from our memories.

So we have lessons and Readings, sermons and teachings, all from this time of Jesus’ life,  from His Resurrection to His Ascension.    So important is this week that the Church commemorates no saints at all this week.    Otherwise the consequences of Easter would be diluted and . . .  fade quickly from our memories.

The picture above depicts Jesus with two followers walking along a road which will lead them to the village called Emmaus.   These two followers had left Jerusalem early  without realizing what had just happened, so Jesus came to them and began to unveil the meaning of the Scriptures to them,  teaching them what the Cross and the Resurrection was all about.     We contemplate this on Easter Monday.   We try to delve deeper into this so that the Resurrection doesn’t . . . fade quickly from our memories.

Now today, on Easter Tuesday,  Jesus appears to his closest disciples and affirms that He has risen indeed,  body and soul,  as they say,   and He’s not a ghost.     It’s just a small event that we read about today,  but there are a lot of things to think about there,  lest the reality of the Resurrection . . .   fades quickly from our memories.

Two days past Easter I had a very busy day today, very productive, very frustrating,  very tiring.    Got a car into the repair shop and arranged a ride home.   Did the monthly bill-paying.  Took care of one-fourth of next year’s taxes.   Arranged,  then postponed,  then rearranged  lunch with a friend.  Did my class scheduling.  Practiced my recorder for tomorrow’s  “performance.”   Enjoyed way too much yard work.    Visited and worked alongside Son, and managed to keep him fed throughout the day.    

Easter seems very, very far in the past.   It would be so easy to forget

But I’m reminded that this is still Easter Week.   Each day of this Week presents rich, full, deep events that offer great opportunity to learn what this whole “Easter holiday” is all about.   Time to learn what I need to know so it doesn’t just . . . fade quickly from my memory.


I’m only human.

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