Push Back: N-N-OOOOOO-OH!


They’re pretty:

pod lily

But that big fat  No!  up there in the title was Hubbie’s response to my plea for adding “just a few”  lily pads to our pond.     That kind of  “no”  was a total push back to the idea of lily pads in our pond,   pretty flowers or not.

I didn’t want to start this week’s Spruce Tunnel’s musings about push back, so I took some early morning photos of the pond today,  just to delay . . .

SAMSUNGSome of those “algae pads”  look like lily pads,  and there were some reddish brown leaves that had landed here and there, almost looking like flowers on the pads.

SAMSUNGClosing in on one area, I was delighted to see the first big goldfish of the season.    It was actually quite reddish, a sign of good health,  good nutrition…. or, in other words lots of algae and junk to eat —  which reminded me of a big problem.   The pond takes a lot of work to keep clean and debris free.  Too much algae is not a good sign.

And although that “No!”  resounds down through the years,  Hubbie was right.   Lily pads multiply like crazy and it would have been a constant chore – another pond chore — to keep them in the one tiny little corner that I had envisioned.

The fish were having a great time swimming fast from one “algae pad” to another.

SAMSUNGSo,  I’m glad now there was that big “push-back”  to my plans for turning “just a tiny part”  of our pond into a lily pad field.    It’s saved me a lot of   hard work, undoing a bad decision.

Even though I had planned to delay starting this week’s hard writing about some necessary push backs.   I guess my pond photos are leading me right into it.   Some push backs are necessary.

pod lily no

There are NO lily pads like these within 50 miles from my pond!     (probably)


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