Look up!


Just in time.     I am a curious person.


I am officially registered for our local Big Ten University tour of their Cyclotron!     Can’t wait!    (Not sure who wrote the substandard English title of the Registration form,   but I’m sure they’re better at smashing atoms than using the English language.)      I’m under strict orders to “ask a lot of questions, take a lot of pictures.”   Orders from Son who can’t be there tomorrow.

I’m interested in such things because those skies in the photo above are becoming more and more troublesome.    It was another display of super-secret science when I went out on errands this past week.   Above me, over the mall parking lot –


We had a clear blue sky in the morning with the weatherman affirming that we’d have “clear skies all day.”    Then the cloud layer was laid down.     And then the scalar waves applied to the clouds.

I drove on to another store and got out in their parking lot:



In no time at all,  deep patterns formed in the thick clouds –


I’m quite sure you realize the “wind”  doesn’t blow in all directions at one time, jamming thick chemical clouds together, willy-nilly.     Not the wind,   a deliberate pattern that manifests certain wave strengths.

Doesn’t matter.   This is one fact of current life that we are not allowed to ask about.     There will be no push back from citizens, under any flag.

One is not allowed to ask questions in matters of science.   Science belongs to our Rulers.

I drove home, got out of the car and looked up.   There was an “addition” to the sky above me:


The wave patterns were there,  but now there was a black track across the sky.   A close-up:


You can see the finer wave pattern better there.   And the length of it was curved:


The black track was either a rent in the chemical clouds or it was the shadow of a new  chemical trail laid down  just above the clouds.

You are supposed to say  “contrail”  as though these were water vapor clouds.   You know,  the kind that come out of an airplane and disappear in about 20 seconds?     You are supposed to say they are made of water vapor,  not the heavy metals,  aluminum, cadmium,  boron, and other stuff that have been collected and analyzed from these kinds of clouds –  the kind of metals that create a matrix for easier  dissemination of communication waves … and other kinds of waves.

Just a contrail up there.    Move along.  Nothing to see here.    No push back allowed.

(You might ask Dr. Edward Teller about the clouds up above.    He published openly about them.   And there are actual patents granted by our government . . .    oh, never mind.)

As I said up above,   One is not allowed to ask questions in matters of science.    But  I’m going to ask questions tomorrow by the Cyclotron.

Atom smasher

Just have to find an atom smasher who will talk to me.


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