Just a little “push back” from me to my post yesterday.     I love science.  Meteorology.   Astronomy.    And the Creator of it all.    So that would be “the heavens,  the high heavens,  and Highest Heaven,”  if you’re into  a graphical schema, or the geography of it all.

So I want to balance the “unspeakable”   (literally) in the last post,   with the “normal.”


Normal clouds.   Normal  puffball patterns.

Half the sky was decorated with these little puffballs.     Quite interesting.

At the edges were these common wind-driven stripes:

SAMSUNGAlso interesting.

I love saving pictures of clouds.    Might be genetic!     I have a cousin who also loves clouds.   I think we both have folders on our computers labeled  “Clouds.”

I attribute my interest to the mesmerizing effect of Koyaanisqatsi;  but that was a long time ago when such visual special effects were new and “Western Guilt”  was still a new and imposing concept.

So we have plenty of interesting beauty in the natural world to impress us;

That’s what most of the clouds are:  interesting and harmless.

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2 Comments on “PUSH BACK MY PUSH BACK”

  1. eswinden Says:

    It’s me (Liz). I’m sure you will know about the Cloud Appreciation Society; it’s just that I have been turned on [a little bit] to clouds by the photos from the CAS which appear regularly on my Facebook.One of my friends on there is clearly a great fan. I just looked at the CAS website – fascinating. xx

    • Yes, thank you so much for the direction to the CAS — I’m going to have lots of fun there. Will try to post “interesting clouds” from time to time for all of us cloud lovers.

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