It is axiomatic that Verbal Engineering Precedes Social Engineering.    It’s generally applied to a society that doesn’t know it’s being engineered.

So in this series of Push-Backs  I bring to you a seemingly trivial example:

smokey and girlThat’s an early poster promoting Smokey The Bear.     As in Smokey THE Bear.   I was a child her age, sitting at my desk with about 40 other children in my classroom,  our desks arranged in neat rows,  all attentive to the story of the little bear cub that was found alive after a big forest fire somewhere out west.  He was rescued and named Smokey,  and was used to instill the idea of campfire safety in the woods.

We each received a small,  two-inch long figure of a little bear that looks just like the one in the poster.  It was so realistic!   Its fur was fuzzy, and it stood up easily on our desktops.    When I took it home, I promptly found a pink satin ribbon and wrapped it around its neck.  (I was a little girl, after all.  I don’t know what the boys did with theirs.)    I still have that little bear figure with its pink ribbon somewhere in a box of “old stuff” in my basement!

smokey posterSmokey The Bear was the poster “child”  for safety in the woods.   He was in posters like this,  and in public service announcements on the radio and on television,  and he was even featured in that important children’s “window to the world” called the Mickey Mouse Club.     He became a small entry into our common cultural literacy.

smokey comivSure,  I was a comic book reader back then too.    Smokey The Bear  had his own comic book stories.

Now, fast-forward to the present   —   and after the takeover of the American political system, culture, and religions.   There is an American nation in name only, and we are living – with our eyes closed –  on the memory of what existed before, a memory of “what we ought to be.”   That’s only  possible because that American nation was such a great force that we are still able to benefit from the momentum of what used to exist.

Although we can no longer keep up the pretenses.  More and more things, such as our economy or such as the integrity of our cultural characteristics and moral fiber  are very obviously breaking down to the point of near disintegration.

The current face of our “transformation”


Push-back is serious business,  but one which those with the memory of America are doing only feebly.

As a university-trained historian (unpaid and amateur, now, to be sure),  I can identify several ways which this foreign element has successfully taken over and transformed us into another kind of nation.    You can research the changes if you want.  You could start with   Congressional testimony on the official Congressional Record of people like Bella Dodd and Manning Johnson   ( a woman and a black man —  if you’d like to be political correct).    Their testimonies detail the infiltration of what was then called the communist party into all aspects of American life, politics,  culture, media, and religion.   They detail their methods and their assignments to Congress.   Their testimony has been verified.      If you’re interested,  it’s out there for you to read.

I only want to emphasize one of those methods in this post:  Verbal  Engineering Precedes Social Engineering.  

Add that method to this process:  Cut off the people of a nation from their past.    Remove evidence of their common heritage.   As a public schoolteacher in the 1970’s  I witnessed this being done, and done to my very own dear classrooms,  usually via “new textbooks.”

It’s often done  by removing knowledge of American heroes — and good pedagogy knows that children need heroes  and not anti-heroes;  children have an innate need at certain stages of their lives for genuine heroes.   The method of the enemies of America removed traditional heroes and replaced them with people of their own kind.

I was there, for instance, at the very first “earth day” which was an attempt to install a new “holiday”   into our culture.    I had to take my children out of class,  organize them on the playground with other classes —  not quite sure what all happened next but it involved balloons and holding hands and singing “I’d like to buy the world a home. . . .”   which soon became in the children’s memories:  ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company. . . .”        What we were teaching them is “thinking good thoughts and feeling nice emotions accomplish good goals.    In other words,  good social attitudes make good citizens.

Be good.   Be cooperative.   And the hard work of managing a country will be done by those in charge.    Just cooperate, willingly,  with good attitudes and good intentions.

(I won’t get into the very criminal and immoral Ira Einhorn who was there at the beginning, and who may or may not have been the “founder”  of this new holiday.   You can look him up;  you’ll find many apologetics  for this man in an attempt to rehabilitate the purposes of earth day.)

That new earth day attempt is just one small example of replacing old holidays and heroes with new holidays, new goals,  new people to look up to.     There was NO push-back, or no effective push-back, and those children – who are now nearing 50 years old –  have lost much of their own cultural heritage.   From what I’ve observed the past seems to be a large “blank” space, but  skillfully  reinterpreted by our new Rulers.

Which brings me back to the methods of keeping this breach between our past and our present:   Verbal engineering:   Today we have an imitation Smokey The Bear for children.   He has a new name “smokey bear.”    The message is similar,   but today he has a slow-speaking, half-asleep, old man’s voice,   and he has lost his “the.”    And our children and grandchildren are cut  off from the true original.

(I understand there is Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck — but just try talking to your kids about Rudolph Red-Nosed Reindeer.     Frosty Snowman.   Jack Giant Killer.  )

Again,  a very trivial example of a very serious process that’s going on:  Cut the people off from their heritage,  make it sound different somehow  — and then you can “transform”  them into a new  political identity.

Anyone ask your permission first?

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