(No photos, I think.  You’ve seen them all.  This is a melancholy random  rant on today’s media issues from one individual’s point of view.)

Sorry, I’m going to pull an Old Folk’s perspective on you.   Sure, I’m up-to-date tech savvy, I ski, I Rollerblade, bicycle, do hard outdoor work at times, and my favorite household tool is my Blue Axe . . . and I read and study all the time;   but I do have some decades behind me, and the big advantage to that is I know how it was awhile ago from personal observation, sometimes personal experience.   Sure, I know what tear gas smells like –  Hubbie and I became adults during the days of anti-war riots.

I knew what Helter-Skelter tried to achieve, even before the Beatles sang about it and Charlie Manson attempted to bring it about.     I hold both cultural  “icons”  in derision, even though one group were skillful musicians and the other “family group”  were successful  murderers.    Both are anti-cultural icons, with nothing noble to offer.

I knew even back then that the international marxists were financing the civil unrest, the class warfare, and racial hatred in an attempt to begin the Great Civil War that  would destroy American culture and pave the way for their Solution.

We weren’t quite ready for it yet, apparently.

Now we have had more than forty years of the elimination of American culture and history and principles from our schools, and then what was  put in their place is a complete marxist historiography — that is:  The World As Seen Through Marxist Lenses.  So many adults and most young adults have never known any other way to judge the world.   (My observations as a public schoolteacher gave me an inside view of this process.  It happened.)

So maybe now, a few decades later,  Helter-Skelter Phase Two will work.    The public has been dis-educated and carefully primed for action.   This time the financial backers have billions of dollars at their disposal;   George Soros who paid for the arrival, training, and equipping of the “demonstrators” in Ferguson, MO.   (Few of these “demonstrators” when interviewed could explain just exactly why they were there.   They were just trained to demonstrate for a “cause” and given some of the relevant vocabulary words to use — as we see in Baltimore today.)

Were people like Soros behind the scenes in Florida when a strong young man who was an MMR expert and who attacked a security guard, slamming the back of his head repeatedly into the sidewalk, causing wounds that were visible even days later – and who was finally stopped by being shot – to death –   Were Soros and other international marxist interests behind the attempt to foment racial riots at that time?    Who told the media to portray this young man on television as an innocent looking twelve year old wearing a hoodie?  These are powerful symbols — and it takes a lot of money and power to keep suppressing the truth —

— but such are the methods of those who wish to take down American society, fomenting a real Helter-Skelter, and then stepping up with MORE government control,  taking more money from private citizens to pretend to “fix”  the problems, as they see the problems.

Now that they have the American government in their hands.. . it might just be accomplished.

No, this is more “sad” on another May 1,  the communist May Day.

Let the marxists celebrate their successful socialist revolutions around the world.   Let Americans stand strong apart from that.    Murderous governments and civil war is not our way.

I see some good signs of people, in Baltimore at least,  beginning to analyze things, aiming to find a truthful way to fix their problems.    I hear some of the black citizens there point to 40 or 50 years of leftist leadership:  the mayors, the councilmen,  the police chiefs, the heads of the schools, heads of the police department,  the governor of the state,  and now the federal government  — all run by leftists.   All demanding more money, more control.     And it seems some  people aren’t buying it.

A couple weeks ago,  Freddie Gray, an uneducated, illiterate man with 24 prior drug arrests,  was seen selling drugs on the street, the other man went away,  Freddie saw a police vehicle;  they saw him.  Freddie ran.  A block later the police caught up with him, he resisted, they arrested him, put him in a police van . . . .   according to an eyewitness he was “irate” — angry, agitated, shouting —   the police couldn’t safely get close enough to him to completely restrain him – bites and saliva can be deadly –     Forensics (lab reports) now show he had marijuana and heroin in his blood system. . . . .

You know what happened next.  Or do you?

The new definition of “Justice”   is  “you darn well better convict six policemen”  or else we’re going to riot some more.

The media is weaving an interesting story for us.    Which group of Baltimore citizens will prevail?

The ones who believe a sweet twelve year old innocent black boy was gunned down by a racist security guard?    Or the ones who know that Zimmerman feared for his life during an attack by someone who regularly practices the “sport” of Mixed martial Arts?    They  keep bringing up his name, an indication of the mindset, I think.

Will the strength of American common sense prevail?      Can we find the source of the problem in bad policing practices,  bad expensive  schools,  bad and expensive governing,  bad politics,  ruinous economic policies which keep people unemployed and in poverty,  political policies which reward broken families, and the relentless teaching that people are victims and have no personal responsibility for their lives?   Can we see that the outdated  extreme leftist rhetoric maintains this devastating status quo?

It’s politically correct to end this with a call for cool heads.   Stay calm.  Wait and see how this will turn out.

Decades ago, I had the advantage of being able to roller-skate through parts of black neighborhoods in west-side Chicago, where I envied the families on the porches,  the daddy sitting, reading a paper, smoking,  children playing around him,  momma in and out with a dish rag in her hands,  keeping everyone in order.      “Black neighborhood,”  before we had to call them “black.”     And I stuck out in this black neighborhood like an incandescent light bulb –  tall,  blonde, white-skinned….  and  quite safe to be in these well-ordered family neighborhoods  where people of a different race lived peaceably.

Yeah,  decades ago.

Before Helter-Skelter became the goal.

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