How about a180-degree whiplash turn away from such things as in the last post?

After all,  I’m an observer but not a participant of such things.   I am like one on the Lifeboat, as the Titanic sinks nearby;  I am one of those who carries what she knows into the future, to live on and to contribute.  

So today begins the month of May.   What’s May for?


The lily.     Symbol of purity.   Virtue without hidden, selfish motives.

Christendom, under relentless attack now, still gives the entire month of May . . . to Mary, the Mother of Christ.     We turn attention to her this month, and to all her qualities;   men renew their love and respect, and women renew their love and commitment to her example.

There is a little tradition that each day of May presents a different quality of Mary,   and each quality can be represented by a particular flower.    Pure.  Innocent.   Sinless.   Beautiful.   Simple.

Well, today on this first day,the lily is given to us to contemplate.

Purity.   We absorb some of the meaning of Purity   while thinking  about her Purity,  and men and women both become ennobled.

In Western civilization young men are valued for their ability to protect and defend, to provide for, to be the foundation of society, to lead their families, to uphold the best characteristics of human beings,  to exemplify virtue — and to honor, help, and defend women of all ages, as they exemplify womanhood.

The month of May is really a month for men to shine out.

And for women:   Womanhood is further exalted and ennobled by those who truly follow the example of Mary, the Mother of Christ.

mary, mother of our saviorMay.  The month to show what you’re made of.

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