Myosotis:   It’s NOT a disease!    It’s a lovely blue flower!

A field of myosotis:

myosotis  fieldJust briefly for this third day of May we have the third flower whose qualities exemplify the qualities of Our Mother, the Mother of Jesus.   (As we know from the Bible,  Jesus gave His mother to be the mother of all of us who are His followers, and He is our brother, in that sense, and so it is proper to call her “Mother.” )

These little blue flowers present sweetness and loveliness, with a heavenly blue color often associated with Mary.   She’s frequently depicted wearing a blue cloak or blue mantle.      Soldiers and sailors, glancing up at the blue sky,  have often been reminded of Mary’s Mantle covering them in their time of peril.

I’ve written before of  the deep blue sky seeming like Mary’s mantle and her sweet, motherly love sheltering over us.

myosotisThe myosotis, pretty flower like a bluebell,  comes in other colors too,  but  blue’s the best.   I like to keep it before my eyes, in my imagination,  and just enjoy the sweet beauty, and try to sense the motherly interest of Mary.

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