pruningThis is a familiar Reading that many Christians heard in their churches today, those liberals, evangelicals, and new-Catholics who share a common schedule of Readings.  It’s the teaching of Jesus that He is the True vine, and we are the branches, and so long as we remain “attached: to the main vine,  and so long as we allow Him to prune us as He sees necessary,  we will be healthy and safe and live on with Him for ever.

It’s a good teaching, helpful in many ways to illustrate the true and inseparable relationship we have with Christ.    He is the Source and Sustainer of Life itself.

It’s ironic, then,  that at least in the new version of the Church that so much “self-pruning”  is going on.   It’s not done with pruning shears, but with words and actions:     This teaching?  Nope.  Snip!  We don’t believe that anymore.   Snip!  We must conform our teachings to the Times.    Snip!   Polls show that people won’t go for that anymore.      Snip!   We don’t have to do that anymore.   Snip!     We won’t do that anymore!    Snip!   Jesus said it, but that was then;   this is a new,  most special generation who finally knows what He really meant.       And society won’t like it if we still teach that.   Snip!

pruning mess All that’s left is garbage.    These are branches without any more life in them.     They’ve been detached from the True Vine.  When you hear Church leaders talking like communist revolutionary leaders of South America,  you might remember those dead branches.  When you hear the pope of the new-Catholic church promoting the one world globalists’ greatest money transfer scheme called “climate change,”   you may see another dead branch.    When you hear politicians who are members of the new-Catholic church acclaiming new definitions of marriage,  female,   male,    baby,   tolerance . . .   more dead branches.

In this century,  we are told we should not discern what are live and what  are dead branches.   It’s all the same.   After all,  we must not “judge.”

I can see some piles of dead branches across my creek.  They are nice places to play for the rabbits and the squirrels and the muskrats . . .  and other rodents.

In this deadly-serious century,  with the potential  for global catastrophe,   it’s best to  attach yourself to the One who doesn’t change,  and then let Him do the pruning.

Taking the shears in your own hands is  hazardous to your spiritual  health.

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