Oh, no,no ,no, no — I’m not calling anyone names.   I wouldn’t call anyone a “pansy.”

It’s just that the fourth flower offered to Mary in the Month of May is the Pansy.

pansies looking up

Now . . . pansies are familiar flowers.   But I don’t usually plant them around my house, even though they do well in this climate.   They just look . . .

pansies what they think of . . . . they just look like they’re looking.

pansies purple

It looks like they have something on their minds.

Other people must think this too.    And this is why pansies were chosen to indicate “thinking”  and thoughtfulness  such as the Virgin Mary exhibited at several different times in the Bible.  “And Mary pondered all these things in her heart.”      As should we, for the things of God  are a great mystery and worthy of our contemplation.

What God has revealed is His love and concern for us, and for His Master Plan to save a Fallen Human Race — Deo gratias.

So pansies symbolize Mary, who lived quietly and humbly and kept her thoughts on  Heavenly things.

pansy faceI still don’t know what these guys are thinking.

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